1 Click to Transfer data from Phone or to Phone

Android Phone to iOS 9 Photos Transfer (iOS 10, 11 Supported)


As we all know, smartphones become an indispensable tool in our daily life. It not only provides many kinds of content services, such as stock, news, traffic, videos, music, pictures and so on but also supports applications that are used to stop or play games on your phone. This is a great invention that makes our life more and more colorful and convenient. In this way, we can judge a person's personality and preferences easily, according to the variety of information which is saved on the phone. It is also pointed out that the content stored on the phone is a good way to represent a person's character. For example, the sales staff can recommend some products according to the personality of the customers, so that it can attract customers to buy more and the customers will also be satisfied since it meets their requirements. This is a win-win way and provides convenience to both sides.

So what will you do, if you want to transfer data from Android to iOS 9 devices, especially the photos? It sounds complicated, isn't it? But just take it easy, you will find it simple as long as you follow the guide step by step as shown below. I would like to recommend two ways for you.

Part 1. Using Phone Transfer to move photos from Android Phone to iOS 9 device

Assuming that, your Android phone is too old to use and you want to change a new iOS 9 device, how do you deal with the data saved on the Android phone? Of course, there are a large number of software options for you to move photos between Android and iOS 9 easily. But this time, I would like to introduce one best tool to you, which is called iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Mac or Windows. This kind of transmission software from phone to phone is professional and easy to use, and you can transfer data such as photos, text messages, emails, videos, call history, calendar, music, apps, contacts and so on in a convenient and efficient way. It allows you to transfer data from/to your iOS 9 phone in its original form, and what you need to do is just one click. It sounds amazing, right?

Here are some reasons why we select this iSkysoft Phone Transfer

  • 1. It is a powerful tool that can transfer almost everything, such as music, contacts, emails, apps, photos, text messages and so on.
  • 2. This full-scale software is compatible with many kinds of operating systems, such as Android, Nokia Symbian OS, Microsoft Lumia, and iOS. What's more, it also allows you to transfer data between mobile phones with Android 10.0, iTunes 12.x and iOS 13.
  • 3. It must point out that, iSkysoft Phone Transfer not only improve the efficiency of data transmission but also backup the data regularly and automatically according to your setting so that it can guarantee the security of the data and prevent you from taking risk of data loss.
  • 4. Sometimes, you will find the data is so stubborn, even if you restore the factory settings, you also can not remove the data which should be deleted. At this time, you can ask this Android to iOS 9 transfer tool for help, since it will help you to scan the phone deeply and remove all the phone data as you want.
  • 5. If one day, you transfer the data to another one temporarily, with the help of Phone Transfer, you can also get all the data back at any time or any place.

Get iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Here are the steps how to transfer photos from Android phone to iOS 9 device, you can follow them one by one:

Step 1: Install the iSkysoft Phone Transfer tool

What should you do in advance, if you want to transfer any kind of phone data? Of course, the answer to the question is to install the iSkysoft Phone Transfer in the computer. Then open this program to process further.

iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Step 2: Connect the Android & iOS 9 devices

At the time you see the tab of “Phone to Phone Transfer”, it is wise of you to press on the “Start” button to launch the transfer window. And the USB cables are used to connect your iPhone or Android devices to the computer. The program begins to scan the data automatically, once the connection is successful. And you will see the information displayed on the interface.


Step 3: Transfer photos from Android to iOS 9

Select the tab of “Photos” from the options list, and then press on the button of “Start Copy”. It means that the process of transferring photos begins from now on.

Part 2. Using Dragging and Dropping to move photos between Android and iOS 9

At the very beginning, it is wise of you to install iTunes on your computer in advance. In this way, it can help you to transfer photos between Android and iOS 9 directly by dragging data from Android to your computer and dropping data from the computer to the iOS 9 iPhone.

Here are the steps how to move photos from Android to iOS 9 by dragging and dropping, you can follow them one by one:

Step 1. Transfer photos from Android to your computer

1. Create one folder to save your photos which need to be transferred to your computer. You can give it a special name, such as “Photos to Transfer” so that you can find the photos easily after the transferring.

2.Using the USB cable to connect the Android phone and the computer.

3. Click on “My Computer” on the screen, select your device to process further and then press on the tab of “DCIM”.

4. Check the photos as you want, then copy and paste the data into the folder of “Photos to Transfer” which has been created before.

You should pay attention that different Android phones may have the different definition of photo folders or USB mass storage.

Step 2. Transfer photos from computer to iPhone iOS 9

1. Launch the program of iTunes which is installed on your computer.

2. Using the USB cable to connect the iPhone iOS 9 to the computer and sync the photos. To process further, select the phone's icon from the devices list on the left.

3. Select the tab of “Photos” on the menu.

4. Press the button of “Sync Photos”.

5. Select the folder of “Photos to Transfer”, which you have transferred the photos to it at step 1.

6. It is your turn to decide which photos should be synced, so check the data as you want. Press on the button of ‘Sync' which is placed in the lower right corner of the interface. In this way, the photos begin to move from your computer to iPhone iOS 9.