Android Phone Transfer – Move Data from Android to Symbian, iPhone or BlackBerry

As we all know, we always use Symbian, Blackberry, iOS, Android, Windows and so on, as the operating system of mobile phones. In this case, if you want to change your phone to a new one or share data between devices, you must need to know how to move the personal data from one phone to another, especially between the different mobile phones operating systems. The most common situation is that we need to transfer files from Android device to iPhone. So the question is coming, how can we attain this goal to move data between phones with different operating systems? Here, we take transferring files from Android device to iPhone as an example. In this regard, you must ask Android phone transfer for help.

The steps about how to transfer files from Android device to iPhone:

As far as I can see, iSkysoft Android Phone Transfer is one of the most excellent tools of Android phone transfer. Next, I will show you some reasons why I introduce this tool for you. It allows you to move data between phones with different operating systems, including Symbian, Blackberry, iOS, Android and so on. It also supports a large number of platforms, even the latest phones which are launched not long ago. It provides many smart solutions which bring convenience for our digital life. In addition, it is also compatible with more than 3500 kinds of phones. What's more, the data such as contacts, music, messages, call logs and photos can be transferred from one phone to another just within 1 click. How powerful it is!

So, now let's discuss how to move data between phones with the help of Android Phone Transfer. At the very beginning, install iSkysoft Andorid Phone Transfer on computer and launch the phone to phone transfer. Here are some steps:
Download for Windows  Download for Mac

Step 1: Start the Android phone transfer

As described above, you should download and install this tool on the computer. Open the program and use USB cables to connect devices with the computer.

iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Step 2: Select the mode of phone transfer

Move to the tab of “Phone to Phone Transfer“, you can see both information of source devices.


Step 3: Start to transfer data

Check the data types as you want, including Apps, Photos, Music, Videos and so on. Then press on the button of “Start Copy” and it will start to transfer data automatically.

Android Phone Transfer

In addition to playing a role of Android Phone Transfer, iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Mac or Windows can also allow you to create backup files of your personal data, so that you can save them and then recover them on the computer in an easy way. It supports many backup modes, such as iTunes backup, phone transfer backup, Samsung Kies, BlackBerry backup and iCloud backup. So, if you have this tool in your computer, it will save your time and do lots of jobs for you.
Download for Windows  Download for Mac

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