With the development of the Internet, we prefer to browse websites by our Android phone or tablet. But you may run into troubles like countless others. We may lose our bookmark due to various accidents. Here we will introduce you some of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use apps to help to back up the bookmarks on your Android device. Hope you will like them.

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Part 1. 3 most popular Apps to Back up the Bookmarks on your Android devices

1.Bookmark Sort & Backup

The size of Bookmark Sort & Backup is very small. But it is useful in helping you back up the bookmarks on your Android devices. And you will no longer worry that you will spend too much time to find the bookmarks, Bookmark Sort & Backup will help you tidy the bookmarks. You can also order the bookmarks by long-pressing the bookmarks and deciding which one is in the first place. But there is one thing we need to remind you, Bookmark Sort & Backup can only run on Android version above 1.5.

Find your Bookmark Sort & Backup here.

2.Bookmark manager

The bookmark manager is a great application to back up the bookmarks of your Android devices to your SD card. With the help of the Bookmark manager, those backup files can be easily restored to your Android devices. If you have many bookmarks and feel that it is hard to find some particular one, it also can tidy the bookmarks on your Android devices and order them alphabetically. Also, there is one thing we need to remind you if you want to use Bookmarks manager, the Android devices you have need be on the Android OS version between 2.1 and 8.

Find your Bookmarks manager here.

Part 2. 3 methods to back up your Browser Bookmarks to Cloud or computer

Though we use the Android phone to browse websites more and more, the computer still is the primary device to browse websites for most people. So we need to learn how to back up your bookmarks on the PC to the cloud. In the content below, we will make some detail instructions to 3 applications. Help it can help some of the readers.

1.Google Chrome Sync:

Google Chrome may be one of the most popular browsers all over the world. If you also install Google Chrome on your Android devices, you can use it to transfer the bookmarks data between Android devices and PC. Tap the option of Chrome's menu and sign in your Google account. After signing, you will find the Advanced sync settings in the Settings of Google Chrome. Here you can select the types of files you need to synchronize. Those types include:

  • 1.ID Password
  • 2. Bookmarks Data
  • 3. History
  • 4. Apps
  • 5. Settings
  • 6. Themes
  • 7. Autofill

At the Chrome menu, you need to select Bookmarks. Then tap the icon of Bookmark Manager, find Organize and click it. The final step is to choose Export bookmarks to HTML file. It will create an HTML file which you can store if you want. The HTML file can be restored to any other browsers.

2.Firefox Sync:

This is an application just for the user of Firefox. Firefox provided a way to transfer your bookmarks data between Android devices and computers. You must have a Firefox browser on both your Android devices and the computer. This service is called the Firefox Sync. For more information, you can find it here https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-do-i-set-up-firefox-sync. Firefox Sync can only be used on the platform of the Firefox browser. For a long time, it is just a separate plug-in program. But now it is part of the main Firefox program. On the main screen of the Firefox browser, you will find the icon of Firefox Sync and click it to use the service. The types of data that can be transferred include:

  • 1. Also, import bookmarks from your Android browser
  • 2. 60 days of history
  • 4. ID with passwords
  • 5. Open Tabs
  • 6. Backup bookmarks to file
  • 7. This app creates and edits bookmark

Find the option of Bookmarks and click it. Then choose the option of Show All Bookmarks to open the Library window. It will pop up the Library window, there you can click Import and Backup and choose the option of Backup. What you need to do next is just waiting for the backup process to be finished.


Xmarks is a user-friendly and useful plug-in application. You can download the application on its official website: (http://www.xmarks.com/). It is used to back up and sync your bookmarks of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and so on. If you want to enjoy the service of Xmarks, you need to register an account of Xmarks and sign in. And then all your bookmarks of your browser will be backed up. And you can restore your data of bookmarks to any browsers you want on any computer.

Just get on the official website of Xmarks which we provided above and select the option of Download Xmarks to add the application of Xmarks to your browser. There is one thing we need to remind you, you must download the version that matches your browser.

You also need to download then install Xmarks on your Android devices. The version that runs on your Android devices is called Xmarks for Premium Customers. Your Xmarks account needs to be signed in, then you can use the service of bookmarks saved. After that, you can use the sync function backup your bookmarks in your mobile with the Android browser. But there is something we should remind you, this application can be only used for free in just 14 days. After this trial period, you need to pay $12 each year for a Premium subscription of Xmarks.

In Google Play, you can download Premium Customers of Xmarks>>(Notes: Remember downloading the Xmarks for Premium Customers, don't mistake it.)

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