Die besten Baby-Monitor-App | Smartphone mit einem effektiven Babymonitor ändern

Alle alten Telefon, Das ist im Leerlauf, kann genutzt werden um als Babyphone. It will bring a lot of relief to you. This can prove of great help in situations when there isn't any person at home to take care of the baby while you need to leave for some urgent work. With the help of this technique, you can monitor your baby throughout the whole time. Read on to know how you can convert your Smartphone device into a child monitoring system with the help of an application. Here are ten best baby monitor app listed below.

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Teil 1: Ways to convert your idle Smartphone device into a Baby Monitor

Though it may be sounding quite technical to you, it is effortless to change any good enough phone device into a monitor. You need a smartphone device with a decent working camera for it. Through this way, you can monitor your baby 24*7 and from any part of the world. This is quite a useful solution for new parents.

Apart from a working camera, you need a stable internet connection for it. 2 phone devices are required for this. Old phone will act as a baby monitor, and a new one will help you see it. It is necessary that both of your mobile devices work on a single wifi network. Apart from these specifications, an appropriate baby monitoring app is required to be installed on both of your phones.

With these few requirements, you will be able to monitor your baby with ease. One these are fulfilled, you just need to setup the device with its camera aligned towards your baby. Ensure that is kept at a distance from where you are able to view the child and its surroundings easily.

Auch, keep a check on all the security features, which are active on your device. This will ensure that every video stream of the baby is only accessible to you. You must be already interested in knowing about the apps, which you can use to serve the purpose. Here is the best baby monitor app that can be put to use with ease.

Teil 2: 10 best baby monitor app

Various child monitor applications exist in the market. The complete list of best baby monitor app is given below. Read about them and choose the one, which suits you the best.

1. Baby Monitor by Dormi

The Baby Monitor by Dormi stands to be the best application for baby monitoring. It is found on the Google Play. You can easily download this application on the two phones, which you plan to use for baby monitoring. Außerdem, this application can be even used without a working internet connection. Des weiteren, an das einzige Babygerät mehrere übergeordnete mobile Geräte anschließbar. Dies ist die beste Baby Monitor-app auf dem Markt.

Kosten: $8.99 unbegrenzte Nutzung lebenslang

Funktionen: Hier sind einige spannende Features dieser Anwendung.

  • Babyphone von Dormi ist in der Lage, sich gemäß den bestehenden Geräuschpegel automatisch anpassen. Es erfordert keine manuelle Konfiguration gemacht in Bezug auf die Empfindlichkeit des Mikrofons
  • Jede SMS-Nachricht oder Anruf in Abwesenheit, die auf dem Babygerät empfangen wird, wird sofort benachrichtigt
  • Wenn das Kind anfängt zu weinen, the parent device starts to vibrate
  • A mode for better night vision is also offered

2. Cloud Baby Monitor

The Cloud Baby Monitor is compatible with iOS devices. You may use it on Mac, Appletv, iPod touch, iPad, or an iPhone. Its application needs to be installed and run on the two devices, which you plan to use. Using the app, you can easily convert your device into a baby monitor.

Kosten: $3.99

Funktionen: Have a look at its amazing features.

  • An unlimited range is supported by this application
  • Motion and noise alert is a key feature of this application
  • Acts as a perfect video child monitor
  • Notifies about low battery
  • Multiple children and multi-parent support system

3. Baby Monitor by Faebir

The Baby Monitor by Faebir is an appropriate application for baby monitoring and is compatible with an Android operating system. It stands as one of the best baby monitor apps. It notifies through Skype calls, SMS-Nachrichten, and regular call when the baby starts crying or makes a noise.

Kosten: Free of cost

Funktionen: Hier sind einige spannende Features dieser Anwendung.

  • Sends an alert for low battery
  • Has a customized feature of microphone sensitivity
  • Even if the mobile screen is turned off, this application keeps on working in the background
  • Does an auto recovery in situations of temporary issues

4. Baby Monitor HD by Sunshine Apps

Baby Monitor HD by Sunshine Apps is one among the best baby monitor app available in the market. This monitoring application is compatible with iPad, iPhone, etc.. You may use it over a 3 G internet connection or a WiFi. It provides incredibly high-quality audio and video display. This feature serves the best with a retina display system of support. Clearly, Baby Monitor HD by Sunshine Apps is the best baby monitor app.

Kosten: Kostenlos

Funktionen: Have a look at its amazing features.

  • Simple and quick camera setup
  • The active group for support
  • Zooms through a double-tap on the screen
  • Digital audio and video monitor
  • Tilt controls

5. Baby Monitor by CodeGoo

If you are an iPhone user then, Baby Monitor by CodeGoo is the best baby monitor app for you. Once you have installed it on both the devices had and placed it near your baby, it will start placing regular calls on numbers, which you have fed in the application.

Kosten: $4.99

Funktionen: Hier sind einige spannende Features dieser Anwendung.

  • Has a feature of Face-Time
  • Compatible or suitable for almost every carrier
  • Monitor has an unlimited range

6. Baby Monitor and Alarm

The Baby Monitor and Alarm keeps all your worries regarding your baby's safety at bay. It is a secure and reliable baby monitor application. The best part is that it is compatible with Android operating system making it the best baby monitor app. It allows noise recording and calls the parent automatically. Noises can even be replayed at your desire.

Kosten: $3.99 (At Google Play)

Funktionen: Here is a list of its amazing features.

  • Einfach und zuverlässig im Einsatz
  • Unterhält ein Aktivitätsprotokoll
  • Lärm-Aufnahme wiedergegeben werden kann
  • Hat eine Eigenschaft der Mamas Stimme
  • Aktive Funktion des Telefonierens festzulegende Anzahl von Eltern

7. Baby Monitor 3G für iOS & Android

Babyphone 3G ist kompatibel mit Android als auch für das Apple-Betriebssystem. Diese Anwendung hilft bei der Umwandlung keine zwei Handy-Geräte, Tabletten, oder Computer in ein sicheres und zuverlässiges Babyphone. Es überträgt live-Videos von Ihr Baby Ihnen. Microphone sensitivity can also be easily controlled through this application.

Kosten: $3.99 (Android) & $3.99 (iOS)

Funktionen: Read a list of its amazing features

  • Sichere und zuverlässige
  • Supports multiple parent units
  • Activity recording
  • Unlimited range
  • Flexible microphone sensitivity
  • Sends a vibrating alert on your device when detects anything in the child's room

8. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi App Box

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi App Box is quite a useful application for baby monitoring. It is compatible with an iPhone device. It just needs to be downloaded from iTunes. Once that is done, you can remotely monitor your baby. Using this app, baby's snapshots can be stored as well.

Kosten: Kostenlos

Funktionen: Have a look at its amazing features.

  • Save all snapshots while it is monitoring
  • Snapshot timer is adjustable
  • Use back and front camera

9. Third Eye

Another useful app, which is extremely compatible with an iPhone, PC, oder Mac, is Third Eye. It lets you monitor your baby's activities through video and audio. You can even record its audio or video remotely using this application.

Kosten: Kostenlos

Funktionen: Hier sind einige spannende Features dieser Anwendung.

  • Remote recording
  • Shows audio is Real-time
  • Video streaming is done in real time
  • Mehrere Verbindungen werden unterstützt

10. WiFi Baby Monitor für iOS &
für Android

WiFi Baby Monitor können Sie das Baby mit Hilfe von Audio- und video-Übertragungen zu überwachen. Diese Anwendung hat einen Zoom in und Zoom out-Funktion für bessere Sicht. Außerdem, Kameras sind auch durch ein Passwort geschützt, um maximalen Schutz zu gewährleisten. Dies ist einer der besten Baby Monitor-app auf dem Markt.

Kosten: Kostenlos

Funktionen: Have a look at its amazing features.

  • Video-Auflösung ist einstellbar
  • Qualitativ hochwertige Audio- und video-streaming
  • Video Zoom-Funktion für einen besseren Blick
  • Passwort-Schutz ist für Kameras zur Verfügung gestellt.
  • Mehrere Verbindungen werden unterstützt

Through the above article, you got to know about the need for a baby monitoring application. A list of the many such applications is also provided. You can now easily pick the best baby monitor app, which suits your requirements.

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