Bedste måder at overføre WhatsApp fra iPhone til Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsungs nyeste release er ud over imponerende. Så meget at der har været et øget antal salg i forhold til deres sidste Galaxy Note. Som følge af der er så mange mennesker køber denne nye smartphone, Vi har set en masse af brugere spørger, hvordan man overføre WhatsApp fra iPhone til Samsung Galaxy Note 9 eller How to transfer all data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Der er en masse ting at overveje med denne forespørgsel. Ikke alene er iOS og Android data uforenelige, men eksisterende værktøjer kan forårsage beskadigelse af data.

Stående fra mængden er dr.fone – gendanne sociale App. Users can use dr.fone to transfer WhatsApp data without the risk of corruption quickly – that's as good as it gets! Setting dr.fone aside, this article will also focus on other effective solutions for you to try too. Read on for more information on this matter.

Common Reasons to Transfer WhatsApp to Galaxy Note 9

For those readers who aren't sure on why they'd need to transfer WhatsApp data, here are the most common reasons.

  • Secure Important Messages. Do you use WhatsApp to keep in touch with business associates? Don't lose your important messages when you get a new smartphone and simply transfer them instead.
  • Keep Sentimental Photos! Maybe you've been sending family photos on WhatsApp. If this is the case, continue to remember those memorable moments in life and transfer them over.
  • More Storage. There's no need to delete your valuable data anymore. With 128GB (or 256GB if you upgrade) of storage to offer, there's very little chance that you'll fill it up.

The main gist of things is that you don't want to lose social app data. Whether it's those late-night chats with your friend, business information, or even photos of animals, take them with you to your new Samsung Galaxy Note 9!

Løsning #1 – Using WhatsApp to Transfer Your Chats

Let's start with the basics: using a built-in WhatsApp feature. WhatsApp doesn't directly support transferring messages from iOS to Android. Instead, we can indirectly use theemail chatfeature to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Trin #1 – On your old iPhone, launch WhatsApp.

Trin #2 – Locate one of the chats that you want to transfer to Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Trin #3 – Swipe left on the chat and selectMore > Email Chat”.

Trin #4 – You can either transfer the messages with media or without, this is up to you.

Bemærk: media includes photos, videoer, voice messages, osv. Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will take much longer with media, though.

Trin #5 – After tapping on eitherAttach Media” eller “Without Media”, the email app will appear. The email that you send this to must also be the email you sign into on your new Samsung smartphone.

Trin #6 – Send the email and on your Galaxy Note 9, open the email app and check if it is there.

These nifty little tricks are often the best ways of getting stuff done. In this case, we were able to make the most out of a little-known WhatsApp feature and quickly transfer WhatsApp messages between devices.

As great as this may be, it's not the perfect solution. The chat (and media) vil ikke være tilgængelige gennem WhatsApp, og du bliver nødt til at se det gennem din e-mail!

Løsning #2 – How to Use WazzapMigrator to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 9

En anden løsning til at overføre WhatsApp fra iPhone til Samsung Galaxy Note 9 er at bruge WazzapMigrator. I modsætning til konventionelle metoder, Dette vil kræve du til at bruge et særligt værktøj kaldet en “iTunes backup emhætte”.

Må ikke ærgre sig-det er ikke så skræmmende, som det faktisk lyder. Ved at kombinere en extractor redskab med Wazzap Migrator, overføre WhatsApp bør ikke være for svært for en opgave. Tro ikke os? Følg nedenstående trin.

Trin #1 -Første, tage en backup af din iPhone via iTunes. Bare Tilslut iPhone via USB til din computer, Åbn iTunes, og hit “Tilbage nu”.

Trin #2 – Ved hjælp af iTunes extractor efter eget valg, udtrække WhatsApp data fra den seneste taget backup. Trin vil variere afhængigt af hvilken software du bruger.

Trin #3 -Næste, Afmonter din iPhone og i stedet tilslutte Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Trin #4 – Åbn en fil Explorer-vinduet og åbner den smartphone fil bibliotek. Træk og slip WhatsApp filer i denne mappe.

Trin #5 – Nu, tage din Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and download “WazzapMigrator”. You can find this app through the Google Play Store.

Trin #6 – After the download is complete, open WazzapMigrator and select the featureSelect iPhone Archive”.

Trin #7 – Navigate your way through the file directories and locate your WhatsApp backup.

Trin #8 – Tap the WhatsApp file and wait while it transfers your WhatsApp messages.
This isn't the most convenient method; we'll admit that much. Men, in comparison to rooting the device and using a complex solution, this is as easy as it gets. WazzapMigrator is specifically meant for WhatsApp data transferring so you can be sure that it'll yield the results you expect.

Løsning #3 – Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in 1-Click

The ideal solution in this scenario is to use dr.fone – Restore Social App. Giving only the best results, this program uses various algorithms to transfer data between smartphones & perform Android app backup & gendannelse safely. To make your life easier, you don't have to worry about those algorithms; an easy-to-follow interface makes using dr.fone as simple as possible.

  • Flawlessly transfer data between iOS and Android devices
  • Before dr.fone put WeChat backup to PC & transfers your social app's files, preview the data
  • Selectively backup your iPhone/Android device's WhatsApp data
  • Compatible with all recent iPhone models (including the iPhone X and 8 Plus) and iOS versions
  • Can Backup & restore line chat history for Androi, transfer Kik, Line, Viber, and many other social apps
  • Optimized so that any user can utilize the features with ease
This is just a taster of what to expect, and after you install dr.fone, you'll receive a hands-on experience of what the program is and how helpful it can truly be.

Steps for Using dr.fone – Restore Social App

Now that we have your attention let's focus on how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Among other features, this is something that dr.fone – Restore social app excels at the offering. Follow this quick and easy guide, and before you know it, they'll be on your Samsung.

Trin #1 – Download dr.fone – Restore Social App on your computer and install it.

Dataoverføre dr.fone nemlig Vinduer Download dr.fone til Mac

Trin #2 – Connect both the smartphones using their corresponding USB cables.

Trin #3 – Open dr.fone and from the main menu, go ahead and select “Gendanne sociale App”.

Trin #4 – You'll see a few options on the sidebar. For this method, click “WhatsApp” and thenTransfer WhatsApp messages”.

Trin #5 – dr.fone will then activate each device's connection. Make sure that the destination device is your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, if not then click “Flip”.

Trin #6 – Click on “Overførsel” and then on the notification that appears, click “Ja” to imitate the process.

Bemærk: please keep in mind that doing this erases all existing WhatsApp data. If your Samsung Note is brand new, this shouldn't be an issue.

Trin #7 – The transfer time will vary depending on how much WhatsApp data you have, although it should be done just a few minutes.

There you have it! Som du kan se, there isn't anything difficult about this process. Once the transfer is over, you're free to disconnect both devices and view the WhatsApp information on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

To Conclude

Blandt stress for at få en ny smartphone er data overførsel. Flere og flere mennesker bliver klar over, at automatisk dataoverførsler er tilgængelige, men der er stadig et stort antal, der ikke indser dette. Stedet for at stole på forvirrende og ineffektiv overførselsmetoder, Brug dr.fone – Restore social app. Så du kan overføre WhatsApp fra iPhone til Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Dette er absolut det bedste program til jobbet.

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