How to Transfer Call History to Samsung Phone Easily

If you use mobile phone for a long time, you must have experienced such situations as described below. Sometimes, your phone suddenly begins to break down, be infected by the virus or running very slowly. In this regard, it is urgent to access or transfer your call history from phone to phone. Here, I'd like to tell you the detail steps on how to sync data like Call History to Samsung phone safely and easily.

In order to transfer phone call history from one phone to another, you should prepare a safe and reliable transfer tool, such as iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Mac (or iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Windows).

This software is easy and quick to deploy and is also applied to almost all brands of mobile phones like Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Android phones and so on. So you can transfer data between these mobile phones as you like. What's more, it supports many kinds of data types such as apps, call logs, videos, music, SMS, photos and any other file.

More functions of iSkysoft Phone Transfer

  • 1. You can transfer phone data from one brand phone to another just within one click.
  • 2. You can backup your phone data to Windows or Mac without any data loss.
  • 3. It supports to recover phone data from iCloud or iTunes backups.
  • 4. It allows you to wipe all data saved on your old phone.

Detail steps on how to transfer call history to Samsung phone directly.

Step 1. Download and install the phone transfer

Download and install the iSkysoft Phone Transfer to the computer and then open it. After that, you will see four options of transfer mode as shown on the interface, they are: Back up your phone, Erase your old phone, Phone to phone transfer and Restore and backup. As you want to transfer the call history, it is wise of you to select the mode of Phone to phone transfer in order to move data easily.
Download for Windows  Download for Mac

iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Step 2. Connect both phones to the computer

Connect both devices to your personal computer with the help of USB cables. After that, both devices will be detected automatically by the computer and then you can see them on the interface.


Step 3. Start the process of transferring call history to Samsung phone

Once both devices are detected by the software, you will see the content box. It is your turn to check the boxes which are placed next to the contents (including call history, photo, calendar, video, SMS and so on) as you want. Of course, you can choose to uncheck some items that don't need to be moved. After that, press on the button of “Start copy” to begin the process of transferring call history from one phone to another.

Transfer Call History to Samsung Phone

Note: During the transferring process, you must ensure that both phones are connected to the computer all the time, otherwise your data may be transferred partially and in this situation you had better restart the whole process again.

Step 4. (Optional)

Once the transferring process is done, it will prompt you to disconnect both phones from the computer immediately. In addition to transferring Call History to Samsung, you can create backup files of your old phone by restarting the process and returning to the main window, and select the mode of “Back up Your Phone”. In this way, all the data saved on your old phone will be copied to the computer automatically. What's more, if you want to wipe all files, you can also choose the mode of “Erase your old phone” as you like.

Download for Windows  Download for Mac
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