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Five Powerful Substitutes for Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is the official data manager of Samsung portable products. With its help, you can manage your Samsung tablet and phone on a Windows PC or a Mac. Men, just like iTunes, Samsung Kies is accessible to Samsung phones and

Best Ways to Fix iPhone Backup Corrupt

Taking the time to update your iPhone to the most recent iOS version and backup your personal files is incredibly important. At any given moment you could be hit by data loss or a corrupt update installation which would result in all of

The Tips on How to Backup iPhone SE Contacts Easily

Have you encountered such a situation that you have to reset your iPhone SE to its factory settings? You might do it for various reasons. For example, there is something wrong with your phone operating system or you just want to sell it to

How to Backup Windows Phone Contacts Effortlessly

The first thing you can think of the phone data must be the contacts. Sometimes you delete them by carelessness, wrong operation, virus infection or other seasons. In this case, if you don't remember someone's telephone number, you can't

Three Ways to Transfer Contacts from Phone to Computer

The contacts are important to us, because we store the information of our family, friends, work partners on our phone. In case of losing them, it is necessary that we transfer them to our computer and make them as a backup file. There are