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How to Fix iPhone SE Contacts Not Syncing

Thanks to the invention of the mobile phone, it enables us to take pictures, make phone calls and surf the internet, so that people can live in a colorful and connected world. However, as with any technology, there may arise something wrong with your phone especially it has been used for a long time. Among these issues, the most common one is that the iPhone SE contacts are out of syncing. If you have an iCloud account, it is not difficult to fix this problem since you can sync the personal information between different devices such as your iPhone SE, Mac and iPad. However, it is not smooth all the time. There are some issues that occasionally interfere with this sync matter. In this regard, I will show you ten common problems with your iPhone SE and how to fix it when your iPhone SE Contacts is not Syncing.

Ways to Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Android Devices

When you switch from an iPhone to an Android phone, you will find it hard to transfer data files between them, because they are running different operation systems. While, there are still many people who plan to rise to this challenge, and the biggest reason is that they want to get access to their iCloud contacts on their new Android phone. So, it is the aim of this article that to tell you about some good ways to transfer iCloud Contacts from iPhone to Android. And this article will be divided into 3 parts as follows.

Five iCloud Substitutes for Android Users

The iCloud is a safe and reliable storage app for the users of iPhone, but you may ask what is the best iCloud alternative for Android users. Don’t worry! You will know the top 5 of the iCloud alternative after this article.

iCloud Songs to Android: Sync iCloud Music with Android Phones

Anyone who wants to switch from iPhone to Android will find it a little annoying to enter all the data and download all the media files and apps on their new Android phones. iPhone runs the iOS so it is a little hard to transfer data directly between it and an Android phone. But in fact, you can simply use a third party application to transfer data from your iPhone to your Android, or create an iCloud backup file and transfer it to your Android.