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Best Anonymous Texting App to Play a Prank

Anonymous texting can be really fun if you do it the right way. You can send an anonymous text to your closest ones and play innocent pranks. If you like the concept of anonymous texting, you can do so by using an anonymous texting app.

Sådan Transfer WhatsApp fra iPhone til Android direkte

Android-baserede mobiltelefoner og iPhones har altid været head-to-head. De forsøger altid at One-up hver med hver opdatering, at de frigiver, det være sig anderledes mønstre slippe eller selv programmel updaterer. The software's are completely different and

iPhone MP3 Downloader | Download MP3 to iPhone for Free

Music is great for many reasons. It can help us to relax, cheer us up, and if you're working out, it's great motivation. But over the years we've seen services such as Apple Music and Spotify hit the scene. These are just the two mainstream

How to Sort Android Contacts by Last Name

The article is to show you how to sort Android contacts by the last name instead of by first name, even for those contacts you uploaded to Google. Read it carefully. Some people may encounter such a condition: When you upload your

Different ID3 Music Tag Editor Available for Free

An ID3 tag is a container of metadata, which is commonly used for storing information related to mp3 files. id3 music tag editor consists of all the important details like name of the audio file, track number, album, artist, genre, and