How To Clear iPhone Browsing History And Safari Cookies

Are you thinking of reselling your iPhone? If so, you need to know how to clear iPhone browsing history and clear Safari Cookies on iPhone. Whether it is an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone you want to resell, it is best to erase all the confidential information including cookies and browsing history.

Part 1. Why do you need to clear iPhone browsing history & erase personal information?

With smartphones developing at a phenomenal speed, you find a new version cropping up frequently making the existing version redundant. Thus people change to a new phone regularly. What do they do with the old phone when the contract expires? Or when it gets damaged or hopelessly outdated?

They sell them to the reselling companies. Such companies are hugely popular now that people have started to sell their unused and unwanted smartphones to such companies. The unwanted and damaged phones are recycled by such companies.

You can also earn some cash out of selling the old phone. Moreover, recycling is good for the environment too. But there is a little snag here. While you do earn some money and have the peace of mind of doing your bit for the environment, you are actually handing over a lot of personal information to someone who is a stranger in every way.

Part 2. Safeguarding sensitive information

With smartphones used for storing sensitive personal data such as contacts, passwords, account details and much more, it is sensible to erase all the sensitive data including browser history and clear Safari cookies on iPhone when you give the phone away.

Fortunately, due to technological developments, it is possible to erase all the important and personal information that you don't want to fall into the wrong hands. Software programs such as Foneeraser help to completely erase all your important browser and cookie data without a trace.

Part 3. Clearing private cookies and browsing history

Browsing the net via Safari, the in-built browser in iDevices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch is very convenient. But every time you do a search, you get the cache with each searching result. If you are wondering how to clear iPhone browsing history and clear Safari Cookies on iPhone, here is the solution you are looking for.

Considerations to ponder over

  • If you want to resell your iPhone, you need to clear the cache in your iPhone. All data including the privacy information in the iPhone should be erased totally.
  • Even if you have erased the contacts and messages after backing them up in your system, you should verify that all your browsing history in Safari is cleared thoroughly.
  • And all the browsing history and the cookies that you had deleted in the Safari browser may still be present and contain all your privacy information. You need to ensure these are also erased completely.
  • Since there are recovery tools that can get back all the deleted data, it is possible to get privacy information that you have deleted.

All the above problems that you face with browsing cookies and history in Safari browser can be completely and successfully dealt with by using Fone Eraser iPhone data eraser tool.

About FoneEraser

Aiseesoft FoneEraser is a powerful software that is capable of erasing all content in iPhone and the settings thoroughly and permanently. There are three levels of erasing to choose from depending on the data you need to erase.

The program is effective on iPod, iPad, and iPhone and erases all sensitive data protecting privacy completely. The program can connect with more than one iOS devices and remove all settings and files simultaneously from them save time on erasing them in the individual devices.

Beneficial Features of FoneEraser

  • FoneEraser is capable of permanently clearing all contents including call history, notes, calendar, iMessages, text message, Safari bookmarks, and Reminders.
  • It also clears media files including photos, videos, music, iTunes U, iBooks, music videos, voice memos, audiobooks, ringtones and TV shows.
  • Documents, apps, and settings are also cleared from the FoneEraser.
  • FoneEraser executes a thorough clearing of data on the iPhone and other Apple devices. If you are considering putting your Apple device on sale on sites such as eBay, you need to reset the device or delete content properly. However, all the data erased by reset or normal deleting procedures can be recovered using recovery tools.
  • FoneEraser helps to do a thorough job of erasing all data including settings and content. Further, it overwrites on the storage space of the device to ensure none of the files are recovered.
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Three effective levels of erasure

FoneEraser is professional software that provides three effective clearing modes for iOS devices. From erasing confidential information related to work to personal account information or normal files you have stored on your device, you can choose from three levels namely low, medium and high level.

Low level involves a single overwriting, medium level enables overwriting twice, while the high level does the overwriting three times. You can thus decide on the level of erasure you need to get rid of the information in your device in a safe and effective way.

Here is a simple and easy guide given in detailed step by step instructions to help clear iPhone browsing history permanently.

Step #1. Download iPhone Eraser on your computer and install it. Run the iPhone Eraser in the system.


Step #2. Link your computer to the iPhone device. The iPhone Eraser Fone Eraser software will automatically detect the iPhone.

Step #3. Click on the Start option to begin the erase function. You can erase all the browsing history and cookies in the iPhone with the program for Erasing Web History. The entire clearing of data will happen within a few seconds.

With the above three simple steps, you can clear iPhone browsing history and also clear Safari cookies on iPhone. And erasing other information such as pictures, messages and photos can be done as effectively, so you can rest assured that all your information has been cleared away safely.

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