Top 10 iOS and Android Contacts Backup Applications

Losing all the contacts from the phone is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. We all know that there are many important and personal contacts that you cannot afford to lose. There might be some contacts that are important for your professional requirements. You can have your personal contacts back by asking your family members and friends on social media. However, you cannot do the same thing with the office colleagues and clients.

It might create an issue for you. This is the reason that a variety of Contacts Backup applications have been developed. They are available for both Android and iPhone software. However, it is important that you select the best one so you can quickly get all your contacts back. Here we have the list of top 10 Contacts Backup applications for iPhone and Android phones.

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Top 5 iOS Contacts Backup Applications

Here are the iOS Contacts Backup applications that you should have on your device so that you will not have to deal with the issues that come with losing your contacts.

1. Contacts Sync

You can easily sync your contacts with the online account with the help of contacts sync. You will create an account at the sites listed in the application. It will allow you to maintain the storage of your contacts.

  • It is free
  • It works with cloud storage that will allow you to backup the contacts
  • Contacts sync is easy to use
  • UI design is not attractive
  • Limited storage space
  • In the free version, you can only copy 1000 contacts

2. Recover – Data Recovery & Backup

It is one of the best applications for the iOS Contacts Backup. It will allow you to quickly backup and recover all contacts that you have on your iPhone.

  • Within 5 minutes it will backup all the contacts
  • Click on the VCF backup and all the contacts will be stored in the email
  • It is easy to transfer the contacts between different iOS devices. You can use the cloud even to transfer contacts to your computer
  • You will not have to deal with any issues while backing up the contacts
  • It is easy to use and will allow you to back up all the contacts on email as the vCard.
  • UI of the application is very attractive with the friendly user experience.
  • It takes a litter longer to finish all contacts backup.

3. IDrive Online Backup

It is perfect for the quick backup and restores facility. It will allow you to back up a lot of content even with the free version. Once all your data and contacts have been backed up all you need is to tap a button, and they will be restored on your iPhone.

  • It is easy to backup and restore data with iDrive.
  • There are multiple features available in the free version
  • You can get different iDrive accounts between which you can easily share your contacts.
  • Without the iDrive account, you cannot use the application.

4. Easy Backup

With the help of Easy backup, you can quickly backup all your iPhone contacts on your computer. Apart from backing up the contacts, you can also restore the contacts quickly with the help of the application. Most of the models of the iPhone are supported by the software, and you will have to download the compatible version. It is compatible with both Mac and windows.

  • UI is neat and user-friendly
  • It is easy to use
  • It comes with the assurance of safety of your contacts
  • It is compatible with the 6.0 and above iOS versions.

5. My Contacts Backup

One of the simplest and easiest to use iOS Contacts Backup application that you will find on the market is the My Contacts Backup. It is very easy and simple to use. There are no additional functions that you will have to deal with. You can easily backup all your contacts.

  • UI of the application is very simple
  • There are no special instructions and techniques you have to learn about
  • Copy and backup the contacts quickly.
  • There are limited facilities available
  • It has no advanced features that you might want to have.

The best iOS Contacts Backup application: dr.fone – iOS Data Backup & Restore

If you are planning to backup the contacts on the computer so that you will never lose them, you should try using dr.fone iOS data backup and restore. Not only the contacts, but it will also allow you to backup messages, notes and data of your applications. Here are tea maxing features and benefits you will get from the application.

  • It is highly compatible with the latest windows and iOS software.
  • The interface is user-friendly that makes it easy to understand how to use the software.
  • The file Backup and restore is very fast, such as WhatsApp backup and restore.
  • The rate of the products and its packages are affordable.
  • Installation of the contacts backup is fast and easy.
  • You will learn to use the best iPhone file manager quickly.
  • The free trial version available. You can check the software before you start using it.
  • It supports all the versions of iPhone so you can backup the contacts from any iPhone that you have
  • It provides the one-click backup facility that is no available in any other applications that you can find online.

Download dr.fone – Backup&Restore (iOS)

Top 5 Contacts Backup Applications for Android

Let us discuss the top 5 Android Contacts Backup applications. Protect your contacts so that you can have the satisfaction that you will never lose them.

1. Helium – App Sync & Backup

If you are looking for the latest application Helium will be your best choice. It has been developed with the best features available. The latest technology has been used for the development of the application. If you are looking for the advanced features, it is an application that you should be using. There is no need to root your device, and it will allow you to quickly backup the contacts that you need. With the premium version, you can even backup the contacts using the Dropbox services.

  • There are multiple features available in the free version
  • You will get several advanced functions in the application
  • The paid version of Helium is ad-free
  • You are allowed to store the backup with cloud version.
  • There are several ads in the free version
  • You will need some time to learn to use the application properly.

2. Titanium Backup & root

It is the application that has been developed for the individuals that have the best experience of using the Android phones. In order to use the Android Contacts Backup application, you will have to root your device. Apart from contacts, there are many applications that you can backup using the application. There are several advanced features available that you can use.

  • There are advanced features available in the pro version.
  • You will get different features like app freezer, scheduled backups, and encryption
  • You might need some time and practice to learn to use the application
  • The experienced Android users will know how to use the application.

3. G Cloud Backup

The biggest attraction of the application is that is free. When you start using it, you will get 1 GB data free. You can expand this data to 8 GB when you invite your friends. With the AW cloud server. It will allow you to backup all the data that you want without any issues. It is secure and safe to use. There is 256-bit encryption available.

  • It is free
  • Easy to use
  • Secure and safe
  • There are some advanced features that you might not get in the application.

4. Super Backup & Restore

The biggest attraction of the application is that it is easy and very simple to use with the friendly interface. It provides the quick solution for contact backup. It will allow you to selectively backup of the contacts, data, and files.

  • Easy to use interface and there are no complexities.
  • There is no need to root your device
  • There are free and paid versions available
  • It can also restore those backup data for you
  • You cannot save the data of applications with it

5. dr.fone – Android Backup & Restore: the Best Android Contacts Backup

It is the best Android File Manager application that you will find in the store. Here are some of the features that you have to consider.

  • There are more than 8000 devices supported by the application
  • You can preview and restore the backup data to any Android device that you like
  • During the backup, export or restore you will not have to worry about any data loss
  • With one click function, you can selectively backup the data from Android phone to computer

Download dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android)

Select the application that you like the most. Contacts Backup is very important for stress-free life.


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