When you switch from an iPhone to an Android phone, you will find it hard to transfer data files between them, because they are running different operation systems. While, there are still many people who plan to rise to this challenge, and the biggest reason is that they want to get access to their iCloud contacts on their new Android phone. So, it is the aim of this article that to tell you about some good ways to transfer iCloud Contacts from iPhone to Android. And this article will be divided into 3 parts as follows.

Part 1: Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Android via Phone Transfer

iSkysoft Phone Transfer is a handy tool for transferring data files between phones or tablets, regardless of the operation systems. And there are two versions for both Mac users and Windows users. It is a good choice for users who want to switch to a different phone carrying with their important data.

It is easy to use and it enables you to transfer all kinds of data files including the contacts, call logs, messages, calendar, photos, audios, videos, apps, etc. What's more, there are several modes at your own choice. They are “Transfer from iCloud”, “Transfer from iTunes backup”, “Transfer from BlackBerry backup” and “Phone to Phone Transfer”. It is compatible with Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia. And according to the statistic, the iSkysoft Phone Transfer supports more than 3500 kinds of phones.

Get iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial for you to get iCloud contacts on Android.

Step 1.  Download, install and launch Phone Transfer tool

It is easy to install the captioned application following the guidance of it after downloading it. Then, run it and choose the mode saying “Restore From Backups”. And after that, you may find the option reading “from iCloud backup file”, click on it and go on to the next step.

iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Step 2. Connect your new Android phone to your computer

Now you need a USB cable that fits your Android well so that you can successfully make a firm connection between your phone and your computer. And you can see it be shown on the primary window.


Step 3. Transfer iCloud Contacts to your Android phone

Now, input your iCloud ID and password to log in iCloud. After that, all the backup files you have created are listed on the primary window and you can choose one that you like and click on “Start Copy” to start restoring it.


Get iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Part 2: Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Android with Google

It is free to transfer contacts from iCloud with Google. You can refer to the guidance below.

Step 1. Sign in iCloud

Run the browser on your old iPhone and go to the website “www.icloud.com”. Input your iCould ID and password to log in to your iCould account. Then, click on the “Contacts” option.


Step 2. Export Your Contacts to your iPhone

Find the icon of settings on the lower left corner and click on it. Then on the drop-down menu tap on “Export vCard”. Remember to choose a proper place for the vCard files downloaded, because you will need it right after this step.


Step 3. Import vCard file to Google

Now you are still on your iPhone, go to the website “www.google.com/contacts”. And then enter your Google ID and password to log in Google. Click on “More” to find the option that says “Import”. Then find the vCard file you have just exported to your iPhone. Then Google will import it.


Step 4. Sync Contacts with your new Android

First, make sure that you have offered your permission to your Google account for synchronizing contacts with your Android phone. You can do it following this. Enter “Your Google Account” > “Settings” > “Accounts”. After this done, the contacts on Google will be synced with your Android automatically.


Part 3: Another Three Apps for You to Get iCloud Contacts on Android

There are some other applications that can transfer contacts from iCloud to your new Android phone. You can see the top 3 of them recommended by users all over the world as follows.

App 1. Sync for iCloud Contacts

This is a free software offering an effortless way to synchronize your contacts from iCloud to. It gives you instant access to your iCloud contacts with your Android phone


App 2. SmoothSync for iCloud Contacts

This is a wonderful application for syncing contacts with your iCloud. And the interface of it is very friendly and intuitive. Besides, with this application, you are also allowed to edit the contacts synced, as long as your Android phone is running with the Android 4 or earlier.


App 3. iCloud Contacts Sync

This is a freeware too. And the option on it is easy to understand so you can sync the iCloud contacts with your new Android phone without the hassle. And there are some other features you may be interested in. For example, it supports two-way sync and customized sync and so on.

At last, a brief comparison of the three apps above.

FeaturesSync for iCloud ContactsSmoothSync for Cloud ContactsiCloud Contacts Sync
Supported FilesContactsContacts and photosContacts
Supported DevicesApple DevicesMac OSX Contacts and Apple DevicesMac OSX Contacts and Apple Devices
SecurityNoNeed PasswordNeed Password
InterfaceUnderstandableUser FriendlyUser Friendly
Two-Way SyncNoYesYes

To sum up, you can choose one solution from the above five ways as you like. But, one thing that I would like to say that there are a great amount of online video tutorials for users of iSkysoft Phone Transfer. So it is much more easier to transfer data with it.