Transfer Contacts from Samsung Phone to iPhone 6S Plus / 6S / 7 / SE

Thanks to the continuous development of smart phones and its data storage function, more and more people use mobile phone to store important info especially business or personal contacts. It is easy to carry and record, and the function of data transmission becomes more and more perfect. This is the reason why people speak highly of it. Among so many brands of mobile phones, iPhone stands out from the crowd because of its comprehensive function and friendly user experience. So many mobile phone enthusiasts want to change their phones and try to use the new one. In this regard, iPhone is one of the best choices. Next, you must want to know how to Copy contacts from other brands such as Samsung or Blackberry to iPhone devices (iPhone 7 Plus/ 6S Plus / 6S / SE).

In this case, one kind of phone transfer program is needed if you want to transfer data from the original phone to the new one. Although you can move them manually, but it will make you feel boring, and waste a lot of time, I think this is not the result as you want. Here, I would like to introduce several ways and provide some suggestions for you, on how to Switch contacts from Samsung to iPhone (iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 6S) safely. Please read the following article carefully.

Part 1. Way to Sync contacts between Samsung and iPhone 6S Plus / 6S / 7 safely and easily

It is not difficult to transfer contacts between Samsung and iPhone, especially you use the right transmission tool to achieve this goal. Phone Transfer for Mac OS (or Phone Transfer for Windows), makes it possible to transfer contacts between different brands of mobile phone, such as Samsung and iPhone devices. What's more, you will find out that it can finish the task perfectly. With using this software, you won't lose any part of your data. It can fully transfer all the contents from Samsung to iPhone. You can not only regard it as a phone data transfer, but also as a backup phone data tool.

More functions should be mentioned:

  • 1. All the contents can be transferred, such as contacts, call history, messages, apps and other information from one phone to another.
  • 2. Many operating systems are supported, so data can be transferred from 4500+ phones such as Nokia, Blackberry and Android OS.
  • 3. It can help you to back up and restore the phone data completely.
  • 4. It can help you to delete the old data permanently.
Download for Windows  Download for Mac

Details steps of phone transfer.
If you want to transfer phone contacts between Samsung and iPhone 6S Plus / 6S / 7 Plus on Mac or Windows, you can follow the steps one by one.

1. Install Phone Transfer and open it.

At the very beginning, you should install and open the phone transfer. Both two steps are required. After the download is completed, all you need to do is to drag the installation file to Applications folder on Mac. You will launch the program if you double click on the program. After that, the computer will scan and then list all the data which can be transferred and copied.

iSkysoft Phone Transfer

2. Connect the devices including Samsung and iPhone to your computer.

At this part, you can complete the task with the help of USB cable. Thanks to the sharing as MTP device option, most phones can be detected automatically by the personal computer.


3. Begin to transfer Samsung contacts to iPhone 6S Plus / 6S / SE

In this part, it is your turn to decide which one should be selected or not. Check the data carefully and then press on the button of “Start Transfer” and that is to say, the process begins to transfer contacts between Samsung and iPhone SE/6/6S.

transfer contacts from samsung to iPhone 6S

Download for Windows  Download for Mac

Part 2. Using Google Account to transfer Samsung contacts to iPhone 6S Plus / 6S / 7 / SE

Google account exists in each of the Android devices including Samsung Phone and it will synchronize your information to the Gmail account. Simply logging in the Google account can help you import the contacts from Google to the iPhone. In a word, it is easy for you to transfer contacts between Samsung and iPhone with using Google Account. As for those data that haven't been synchronized to Google, can be save to storage at first, and import the contacts to Google accounts. In this way, all difficulties can be solved.

Step 1. After your account is added, go to the setting on the Samsung phone, so that you create a Google account which is used to connect to other devices. Any update information of Google contacts, will be synchronized to Google server automatically. Go back to home screen first and then select the data. Click on the menu and select “import / export” on top.

transfer samsung contacts to iphone

Step 2. Choose the tab of “export to USB Storage”. All contacts on Samsung phone will be saved to one document with the export function. After the export operation is completed, click on the menu and you are allowed to import all contacts from USB storage.

Only in this way, your saved contacts can be synced to Google servers and then added to Google account.

transfer contacts from samsung to iphone 6s

Step 3. Backup your contact saved in the Samsung Galaxy.

Go back to home screen and launch the setting. Press on the button of Google, which places under the Contacts section which is followed by Google account, which is usually Gmail address.

Sync contacts from samsung to iphone 6s plus

Step 4. Choose the tab of “settings >> mail, contacts, calendar >> Google” on your iPhone.

Open the Google account, you can enter it with the help of login information which is used to sync Google contacts. Click next to the contacts, in this way, iPhone is allowed to sync Google contacts. Tapping contacts mean that the sync begins. Now, All contacts on Google will be transferred automatically.

move contacts from samsung to iphone 6s/6s Plus

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