How to Transfer Data from Android to Nokia Symbian

The contacts on the phone are important and irreplaceable, because we are not able to remember them all in our mind. So if you want to switch to another phone, the data that you want most must be the contacts. Besides the contacts, you may want the audios and videos to be transferred from your old Android phone to your new Nokia Symbian phone. The problem is it is difficult to do cross platform data transfer for example from an Android phone to a Nokia Symbian.

Don't worry! Here is an easy solution for your consideration. In fact, there are a lot data which is in common use on different operation systems of mobile phones. In this time, you can actually transfer the data files from Android to Nokia Symbian phone with the help of a third party application like the iSkysoft Phone Transfer.

The iSkysoft Phone Transfer is now popular all around the world for its powerful functions. You can see the main features of it as follows:

  • 1. It is compatible with the Android, Nokia, iPhone and Blackberry.
  • 2. It supports cross platform data transfer as well as data transfer between the same kind of mobile phone.
  • 3. All the data on the phone is transferable with it, including the contacts, music, videos, images, text messages, calendars, and apps.
  • 4. You can create backup files with it.
  • 5. You can restore the backups from the computer, Samsung Kies, OneDrive, iTunes, or the cloud.
  • 6. You can remove all the data on your phone if you like.
  • 7. The interface is friendly and the operation on it is easy to understand.
Download for Windows  Download for Mac
It is welcomed also because its good compatibility with different kinds of computers. There are two versions of this application, the iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Mac and the iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Windows.

Let's see how it works.

Step 1. Download the iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Choose one version that is right for your computer and download it.

Step 2. Connecting your Android & Nokia Symbian phones to your computer

After installation, launch it and choose the mode saying “Phone to Phone Transfer”. Connect both of your devices to your computer. Then the iSkysoft Phone Transfer will detect it and show it on the primary window.

iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Step 3. Make sure the phones are placed on the right position

You can alter the location of your phones by clicking on the “Flip” button to ensure the data showed on the box is what on your old Android phone.

Step 4. Choose the data files and transfer from Android to Nokia Symbian phone

Now, on the box, check the data at your choice. Then click on “Start Copy”.


Step 5. Get the data files on your new Nokia

After a few minutes, you will be reminded that it has finished transferring. Eject your devices and check on your new Nokia to see the data files. 
Download for Windows  Download for Mac

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