How to Delete Email Accounts on Android

When we buy a new smartphone, a new Android phone, it makes us so excited that we start trying various features of our phone. Sometimes we end up by creating useless email accounts and saving them in our phone. We only need one email account at a time, then why these useless email accounts? They are of no use. It creates a mess on our phone and we feel irritation due to such useless accounts because they always send notifications and our phone keeps on beeping on every notification. We have to avoid such a situation, so the effective solution is here, which helps you to delete email accounts on Android:

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Part 1: How to delete email accounts on Android

Follow the guidelines below, to delete unwanted email accounts on your Android phone.

  • Tap to go to home screen on your phone and click on Apps, then click on settings.
  • You will see the option of “accounts” and then tap on the account that you want to delete.
  • It will delete the present account on your device, but only those accounts which you have configured on your phone
  • If you have some corporate account and you delete some exchange account then it will look as “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync”
  • There are options of POP, IMAP, or corporate email accounts and when you select, it displays the email address
  • A square Manu is present in your device, on the right side. This option is the same in most of the phones like Samsung Galaxy, HTC, and Motorola.
  • Click on this menu
  • Clicking on this Manu will show three options, an option of “Remove account” will also be shown
  • Selecting this option will give you a warning and it will ask about the confirmation of this deletion
  • When you confirm the deletion, your account will be deleted

These are the very easy steps to get rid of the unwanted email accounts on your phone.

Part 2: Deletion of Calendars on your Android Phone

Follow the following instructions if you want to remove data on your calendar:

  • Go to the organizer folder in your phone and click on settings
  • Or, for some phones, you can directly reach to Google calendar, and then click on the settings
  • Tap this option, it will show you all the calendars present on the phone
  • All the existing and previous calendars are present there
  • Every calendar has an option which tells about the saved details
  • The calendar app will display all the available options and if this app does not save all the results (for the user security)
  • It will also show your current appointments and reminders
  • Find and select the calendar that you want to delete
  • Click on the option of deletion, once it is deleted, it can also be recovered
  • Google keeps a record of your created events, this option can be selected by clicking on “Keep old events”
  • If you re-do this option to “No” you will lose the deleted calendars forever

The best tool to delete all your data on Android phone/device in 1-click (Email account included)

If you want to delete all data on your device but you don't have time to separately delete the apps, you can use some user-friendly software to delete the data. There are very efficient Android data remover software like iSkysoft Data eraser for windows, which can be used to delete all data on an android phone. It helps to deal with problems like unwanted email accounts and useless calendars. You can download it very by following this link.

Features if iSkysoft Data Eraser

  • Can erase all data on Android phone, so it's helpful for android users
  • All type of data can be erased and it acts as a professional data eraser
  • This powerful system app remover is also useful for iPhone and Mac users, the option of “clean junk files”, helps to free space and delete invalid, unwanted and temporary files
  • You can also delete the files individually by using this software, to save important files
  • Incompletely erased files can also be deleted completely by using this software

Get iSkysoft Data Eraser

This recommended software helps to delete data on your android phone without any spam creation. It helps to remove spam and junk folders so you can have a good experience with your mobile.

Now the problem of creating multiple accounts on the Android phone can be resolved very easily and you can free a lot of space on your phone.


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