How to Erase Android phone Completely

You probably have a couple of Android phones at home that you don't use any longer. It makes better sense to sell an old Android phone or to donate it to someone instead of keeping it unused in a closet. But first, you will need to erase Android phone to protect your private data on it.

Obviously erasing the data on your Android phone is important because you will never want to hand over sensitive private information such as checking account numbers, private emails, login information, videos, contacts, etc. to a stranger. That's why software such as iSkysoft Data Eraser can be so useful.

iSkysoft Data Eraser is a tool that helps you erase the data on Android quickly and easily. There are other methods to erase Android data such as the factory reset method, but it has certain disadvantages.

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In this article, we shall discuss the factory reset method as well as the iSkysoft Data Eraser and let you decide which method works best for you to delete Android data.

Erasing Data On Android Using Factory Resetting

Android comes with a built-in factory reset which is widely used to erase Android phone. To make use of this method, you will first have to backup all Android files and transfer all data on the Android on a Micro SD card before doing anything.

Here's how factory resetting works…

#1: Open the Android app “My Files” that's in your phone. Once there, tap on the option “Device Storage”.

#2: Next, backup all the files on a Micro SD. Find the folder that you want to move to the Micro SD and long press it. Tick a check-mark next to the folder and tap on the move option at the top-right corner on the mobile screen. Tap on the SD card now and tap on the option “Move Here”. Now the folder gets transferred to the Micro SD easily and automatically, without any further input from you. You can use this method to move all the data to the Micro SD. That's how to backup the device before factory resetting.

#3: Now, reset the phone by tapping on the Settings app. Tap on Backup and then tap on reset. Tap on the “Factory data reset” option on the next window and tap on the “Reset phone” option. Now, wait for the phone to reset to factory settings, this takes 2 to 5 minutes. The phone restarts after resetting, make sure that the power is on during the process.

Drawbacks of Factory Resetting

The biggest drawback of factory resetting is that this method does not delete the Android data completely. If a talented hacker gains access to your phone, he can easily recover the data on it. That's why you should look at other methods such as iSkysoft Data Eraser which ensures that all the data on the phone is permanently deleted.

Let's talk a bit more about iSkysoft Data Eraser.

iSkysoft Data Eraser is the best Android eraser software available in the market. It protects your private information and ensures that ALL data and files on the phone are deleted permanently. Once you erase the Android data using this software, there is no way of getting it back. You will be able to wipe out everything – browser history, login details, music, contacts, videos, photos and more permanently. Hackers will never gain access to your data no matter which data recovery tool or technique they use.

Here's how to use iSkysoft Data Eraser to Erase Android Phone Completely

#1: First download iSkysoft Data Eraser from the official website, install the software on your computer and launch it.

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#2: Connect your Android phone to your computer. The software detects the Android phone and displays the details on its main interface.

#3: Next, it's pretty easy, just click on the “Erase All Data” button. A pop-up window opens to ask for a confirmation. Finally, click on the “Erase Now” button on the pop-up interface in its bottom right corner. This starts erasing the data on the Android and normally takes a couple of minutes.

So that's how to erase Android phone permanently using iSkysoft Data Eraser. Hope you've found the information given here useful.

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