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Beste manieren om uitpakken contacten van iPhone


With the continuous development of the communication industry, we not only use a mobile phone to make a phone call, but also use it as a tool for data storage. In dit verband, creating backup files of all iPhone data is very common during our daily life. If one day, your iPhone device is lost or damaged beyond repair, these backup files can help you get all your important contacts back in a simple way. There are numerous ways to backup your iPhone contacts, the most popular ones are as followed: the iCloud, iPhone and iTunes backups. Volgende, I would like to give you detail steps on how to extract contacts from iPhone, I believe you wouldn't be disappointed.

The ways to Extract Contacts from iPhone just within 1 Klik op

De meeste mensen van mening, iSkysoft telefoon overbrengen voor Mac (of iSkysoft telefoon Transfer voor Windows) seems to be the best and fastest tool when it comes to extracting contacts from iPhone backups. Bovendien, extracts the iPhone contacts from iCloud and iTunes backups are supported as well. It is not fragile as other programs, dat wil zeggen, it is not easy to collapse. Het speelt niet alleen een rol van assistent waarmee mensen herstellen alle back-ups van gegevens, but also enables users to move content between phones. En meer dan 3500 verschillende soorten telefoons en netwerken worden ondersteund.

De belangrijkste functies van iSkysoft telefoon overbrengen

  • It can help you backup and restore your phone data without any quality loss
  • Its interface is user friendly, so it is easy to be used.
  • It is a powerful software when it comes to move data from one phone to another.
  • Meer dan 5500 verschillende soorten telefoons en netwerken worden ondersteund.

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Detail steps on how to extract contacts from iPhone, iCloud and iTunes Backup

Stap 1: Run the program

Allereerst, u moet downloaden en installeren iSkysoft telefoon overbrengen naar uw computer. And then run it after the installation is completed.

iSkysoft telefoon Transfer voor Windows

Stap 2: Choose the tab of theRestore From Backup

Selecteer het tabblad van “Restore From Backupin the main window, choose the option of the backup file.


The steps on how to extract contacts from iPhone backup:
  1. In the restore box, Kies het tabblad van “Phone Transfer”.
  2. It is all your turn to select which contents should be recovered (for example: your iPhone messages or contacts).
  3. Eindelijk, Druk op de “Beginnen met kopiëren” icon to start the process of extracting the contacts from the iPhone backup to the computer.

Extract iPhone Contacts from Phone backup

The steps on how to extract contacts from iCloud backup:
  1. Press on the “iCloud” button to make the program recover contacts from iCloud mode.
  2. Login the iCloud account by entering the Apple ID.
  3. Once you see the list coming up to you, choose the desired iCloud backup files that you want to get back and download these iCloud backups.
  4. Eindelijk, select Contacts as you want to restore them and press on the “Beginnen met kopiëren” button to continue.

restore iPhone Contacts from icloud backup

The steps on how to extract contacts from iTunes backup:
  1. In the restore tab, Druk op de “iTunes” knop, so that the program would extract contacts from iTunes mode.
  2. Select the corresponding checkbox next to Contacts data.
  3. Click on Start Copy to start the process of getting the contacts back to the target device.
  4. As it described above, that is how to extract contacts from iPhone, iCloud and iTunes Backup.

Extract iPhone Contacts from iTunes backup

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