How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac

Having an iPhone can be frustrating. There's no denying how great some of their features are, but simple tasks can be difficult. A frequently requested feature, but one that Apple hasn't implemented, is selective data management. This means that to take an iOS backup, you must back up all of your data. Of course, if you want to see how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac, this would be inefficient.

Selectively backing up your contacts can be useful for a lot of different reasons. Not only does it save you the effort of backing up all iOS data, but it also means that you can selectively restore data too. With that in mind, we're going to jump right in and show you the different ways on how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac.

Part 1. How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac Using iCloud

The first option that you have is to use iCloud. iCloud is the cloud storage system that Apple offers and that provides you with 5GB of free storage space. The main drawback here is that your device must be connected to the internet which isn't always a possibility, but there's also the drawback of very limited iCloud storage. Nonetheless, follow below steps if you'd like to use this method.

Step #1 – Start by making sure that your iPhone is connected to the same iCloud account as your Mac. To do this, go to “Settings > iCloud” & check the email address.

Step #2 – From the same menu, enable the “iCloud Drive” slider if it isn't already enabled.

Step #3 – Afterwards, swipe down & enable the “Contacts” slider to have your contacts synced.

Step #4 – Now, on your Mac computer, head to “System Preferences” and open the iCloud application.

Step #5 – Once the iCloud app is open, check the box next to “Contacts” to have them synced.

From this point on, you won't have to learn how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac again. Your contacts will automatically sync with your Mac from then onwards. Alternatively, you can extract contact information from your iCloud account to your computer.

Step #1 – Go to the iCloud website and sign in with your account.

Step #2 – Click on “Contacts” to have all of your contacts displayed.

Step #3 – At the bottom left, click on the cog icon followed by “Export vCard”.

Step #4 – Choose a save location for the vCard file, and you're done.

But, just as with the other iCloud method, there are some drawbacks. If you are adamant about using iCloud, but the storage space is limiting you, then you can purchase additional iCloud storage (although, it is expensive!).

Part 2. How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac Using Dr.Fone – Transfer

dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

Another option that you have is to use Dr.Fone. Learning how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac is incredibly easy with Dr.Fone – Transfer. Not only does this program let you sync contacts, but it's also great for syncing photos, videos, music, and many other types of data. Some of this tools' main features are:

Each of these dr.fone – Transfer features are incredibly useful. If you take a look at dr.fone Toolkit as a whole, then you'll also see that it includes a lot of other features too. Please follow the short guide that we've put together below to use dr.fone – Transfer for this task.

Download dr.fone for Windows Download dr.fone for Mac
After downloading dr.fone – Transfer to your computer, syncing your contacts is easy. Open up the program, connect your iPhone, and you're ready to begin.

Step #1 – Click on the “Transfer” feature from the main menu of dr.fone. Your iPhone should be automatically detected.

Step #2 – When the transfer display is shown, click on “Information” that is located on the top menu.

Note: before clicking the “Information” tab, make sure that your iPhone has been detected by dr.fone by simply checking the main screen. Your device's name should be shown and if not, try reconnecting.

Step #3 – All of your iPhone's contacts will be listed. Either click on the select all box or browse through the contacts list and select the specific contacts that you want to have transferred.

Step #4 – Next, click on the export button above the contact list and click the “to vCard File” option.

Step #5 – After choosing a folder location to save the vCard to, you will now be able to access your contacts on the Mac computer.

vCard's are incredibly useful for contact storage. With the Mac Address Book application, you can import and manage the contacts stored within the vCard. This is undoubtedly the most effective option available.

Part 3. How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac Using AirDrop

Although using AirDrop can be problematic for data transfers, it's possible to use it for this. AirDrop is an underused feature that all modern iPhones are equipped with. It can be used similarly to how Bluetooth was used in the past and is perfect for contact transfers.

When it comes to finding out how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac, there are a few issues. First, AirDrop isn't a perfect transfer medium and is known to be glitchy sometimes. Second, not all iOS devices come with AirDrop. But, if both your iPhone and Mac have AirDrop, and you aren't bothered by the risk of issues arising, follow below steps.

Step #1 – Start by enabling AirDrop, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth on each device. It's important that they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step #2 – You must now connect your devices to each other. Your iPhone should be able to detect your Mac computer although if not, try connecting them using the “AirDrop” app on the Mac.

Step #3 – After establishing a connection, we can proceed. On your iPhone, go to the “Contacts” app and tap on the contact that you want to share. Click on “Share Contact” and tap on your Mac from the AirDrop menu.

Step #4 – Repeat this process until all of your contacts have been transferred.

One thing to remember is that AirDrop can only transfer data between a distance of up to 30 feet. Your iPhone and Mac must be close by for this method to succeed. Another drawback, as you might have realized, is that this is very time-consuming. If you're transferring more than a couple of contacts, then consider using another method instead.

To Conclude

Using any of these methods will successfully sync your iPhone contacts with a Mac computer. However, considering the limitations and downsides of using iCloud or AirDrop, we recommend that you dr.fone – Transfer (iOS).

Not only can you get how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac, but you are also able to sync other data types too. dr.fone provides instant data transfers, complete data management, and gives you the freedom that you need to get the most out of your iPhone. We highly suggest that you take some time out of your day to look around dr.fone, use a few of the features, and even consider using it as an iTunes alternative.

Download dr.fone for Windows Download dr.fone for Mac
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