Come trasferire i dati dal vecchio telefono a OnePlus 6 / 6T in Batch

Il OnePlus 6/6T device was easily one among the highly anticipated mobile devices of the year 2018. Many people bought it as soon as it entered the market. The phone proves its worth and actually offers some fantastic features. But with the happiness of owning a new phone, comes the time-consuming and tiresome task of transferring all essential data from the old device to your new device.

OnePlus Switch application makes the whole process quite an easy and quick one since it singlehandedly moves all the messages, contatti, video, and photos from the old device to your OnePlus 6/6T. You can use this application to transfer data from old Phone to OnePlus 6.

Parte 1: Get the OnePlus Switch application

Here are the steps to fetch this application.

1. Go to the “Impostazioni” panel of your OnePlus 6 dispositivo. Scroll and find theAdvancedtab.

2. For launching the service, open the tab of OnePlus Switch.

3. Successivo, you need to go ahead and make a download of the OnePlus Switch application on the old device. You can download it from Google Play Store.

Following the procedure, you will be able to transfer data from old Phone to OnePlus 6.

Parte 2: Utilizzando l'opzione OnePlus per trasferire i dati

Follow the below-mentioned steps to transfer data from old Phone to OnePlus 6T/6.

1. On the OnePlus 6T/6 device, Aprire l'interruttore di OnePlus. Fare clic sul “Io sono nuovo telefono”.

2. L'applicazione vi darà una scelta per selezionare un “Seleziona il tuo vecchio dispositivo.” È necessario scegliere tra “Altri” o “OnePlus.”

3. Quindi vi istruirà a fare un'installazione di placamento OnePlus interruttore sul vecchio dispositivo. È necessario premere “Continuare.”

4. L'applicazione genererà il codice QR. You need to scan this code using your OnePlus Switch application, which you have installed on your old phone.

5. Open the same application on your old device. Toccare il “I'm old phonetab.

6. The device's camera will automatically launch to scan the code. You need to use it for scanning the OnePlus 6.

7. Once both the devices are connected with each other, you need to click onChoose data to send.The data includes Applications, Pictures, Messages, Contatti, and any other file.

8. Fare clic sul “Inizio” tab once you are ready to Transfer data from old Phone to OnePlus 6.

Using these steps, you can easily transfer your data to your OnePlus 6. Inoltre, it is a free application. Make sure you do not move the application to the background while the transfer is taking place.

Parte 3: Use Dr. Fone – Interruttore to Transfer data from old Phone to OnePlus 6

Dr. Fone software is an excellent tool for fixing issues on your mobile and works in just three simple steps. It is a useful phone clone app and is compatible with Android and iOS as well. Using the dr.fone tool, you can easily Transfer data from old Phone to OnePlus 6. This is an amazing tool, which provides other benefits as well. Inoltre, it supports the Android device brands like ZTE, Huawei, Asus, Acer, Google, Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony, and Samsung.

Have a look at its features:

  • Transfer all your data from one mobile device to another without any data loss, switch from Android to Galaxy S9 in 1-click.
  • Personal data is not stored in this tool and thus takes care of your concerns for confidentiality and security
  • Personal data is not stored on any cloud as well
  • Only you can have access to your personal data
  • Inoltre, it incurs no data loss while the transfer takes place
  • Transfer data to a new iPhone X through a simple process
  • Takes less than three minutes to switch your phone device
  • Compatible with Android 8.0 e iOS 12 operating systems
  • Lastly, it is trusted by more than a 100 million of its users worldwide
Scarica Dr. Fone per Windows Scarica Dr. Fone per Mac
  • Cost of dr.fone Switch for Android & iOS, which is compatible with Windows model is $39.95 for a lifetime.
  • Cost of dr.fone Switch for Android & iOS, which is compatible with Mac model is $ 39.95 for a lifetime.

You must be already wanting to use this amazing software to transfer data from old Phone to OnePlus 6. Allora, here is what all that needs to be done to use it.

Passo 1: Connect your phone device to the computer

Open dr.fone software on the computer. Select the “Interruttore” among other modules. Connect both of the devices. The mobile data gets transferred from a source device to a destination one.

Passo 2: Select the file to start the Transfer

Choose that file, which needs to be transferred. Toccare il “Avviare il trasferimento” for starting the process. Ensure that you do not disconnect the mobile devices until the procedure is complete. You may also allowClear Data before Copy.

This is done in cases when there is a need to omit the data from your destination phone device before you initiate the transfer to the targeted phone device. In just a few minutes, all of your old device's data will be transferred to the targeted device successfully.

Through this article, you got to know how you can transfer data from old Phone to OnePlus 6 con facilità. Now you can choose any of the three methods to do the same. It is recommended to use the Dr. Fone – Interruttore tool for effective and easy data transfer. Data is transferred automatically, once you initiate the process. This will definitely save your precious time and efforts. You can also opt for its free version to experience its great usefulness.

Scarica Dr. Fone per Windows Scarica Dr. Fone per Mac
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