It is never too hard to transfer iCloud photos to your Android Phone after this article. Now you will see two solutions that help you to fulfill this.

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Oplossing 1. Transfer iCloud Photos to Android with the iSkysoft Phone Transfer

De iSkysoft Phone Transfer is a professional transfer tool, which offers various kinds of transfer modes including the phone to phone transfer, transfer from iCloud, transfer from iTunes and transfer from OneDrive. It has two different versions for users of Mac or Windows, and it supports phones including Apple, Android, Nokia, Lumia and Blackberry. If you are a big fan of taking photos and happen to planning switching from iPhone to Android, then it is advisable that you turn to this wonderful application. It can help you transfer all kinds of data including the Foto 's, messages, Contactpersonen, call logs, audios, videos and apps. Trouwens, you can also create backup files and restore backups with it.

Here is a simple tutorial for your information to transfer iCloud photos to Android.

Stap 1. Download and install the iSkysoft Phone Transfer.

Ontvang iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Stap 2. Run the application and connect your Android with USB cable.

Stap 3. On the primary window, choose theRestore from Backupsmode, and then click on “Icloud”.

Transfer photos from icloud to android
Stap 4. Nwo, log in your iCloud with the correct ID and password.

restore icloud photos to android
Stap 5. After choose the “Foto 's”, click onStart Copyto get your photos from iCloud.

Oplossing 2. Transfer iCloud Photos to Android with iCloud Photo Stream

Another popular way is to use the iCloud Photo Stream, which is a built-in service of Apple devices. Op deze manier, you need your computer work as a transit point.

The step-by-step guidance to sync iCloud Photos with Android as follows.

Stap 1. Enter “Instellingen”-> “Icloud” – “Photosand turn onMy Photo Stream”.

Turn on My Photo Stream

Stap 2. Download the Control Panel for iCloud on your computer. Run it and enable theSync”. Then connect your iPhone to the WIFI so that all the photos on your iPhone will be synced to your computer automatically. You need to take a mental note of the location of the photos.

Sync iCloud Photos to PC

Stap 3. Connect your Android phone to the computer. And then you can transfer all the photos you have just saved on your computer.

The major limitations of this iCloud Photo Stream solution.

1.The upper bound of photos

You can transfer no more than 1000 photos once at a time, because the iCloud can not hold the 1001th photo. So it is important that you check the transfer results, or you are going to lose the rest of photos for ever.

2. No more than 30 Dagen

Photos that saved in the Photo Stream will be deleted automatically after 30 Dagen. Remember to get them before that.

3. Smaller than 5 GB storage

The maximum of the storage space on iCloud is 5 GB. If it is full, you are not allowed to add any photos to it. And it is really a small storage space for people with a large photo library.

4.Videos are not allowed

It means you can not transfer videos in this way.

Luckily, all the four limitations do not exist in the iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Mac & Windows, which aims to meet all the need of its users and offer an even greater user experience for them. Just have a try!

Ontvang iSkysoft Phone Transfer