iCloud Songs to Android: Sync iCloud Music with Android Phones

Anyone who wants to switch from iPhone to Android will find it a little annoying to enter all the data and download all the media files and apps on their new Android phones. iPhone runs the iOS so it is a little hard to transfer data directly between it and an Android phone. But in fact, you can simply use a third party application to transfer data from your iPhone to your Android, or create an iCloud backup file and transfer it to your Android.

Also, click here to find out how to change or delete your iCloud account as well as how to turn off iCloud Music Library.

There are a lot data files that you may want to get on your new Android, so let's give an example of the audio files transfer. The third party application I recommend is called the iSkysoft Phone Transfer.

Main Features of iSkysoft Phone Transfer

iSkysoft Phone Transfer

  • 1. It enables you to transfer data directly between iPhone and Android.
  • 2. It enables you to restore backups of iCloud, iTunes or other.
  • 3. It enables you to create data on your phone.
  • 4. It enables you to erase your phone to make it a new phone.
  • 5. The interface of it is friendly and intuitive.
  • 6. The operation of it is easy and simple, and there are a lot of tutorials online if you are not very familiar with it.
  • 7. It is compatible with both the Windows computer and the Mac computer.
  • 8. It supports Apple, Android, Nokia and so on.

Get iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Part 1. Transfer Songs from iCloud to Android Phones

Step 1. Download and install the iSkysoft Phone Transfer.

Step 2. Connect your Android phone to your computer with a USB cable and run the iSkysoft Phone Transfer.

Step 3. On the primary window, select the mode saying “Restore From Backups” and choose “iCloud”.

Step 4. Log in your iCloud account with your iCloud ID and password. And then, choose the audios backup file and click on “Start Copy” to restore it to Android phones.


Part 2. Transfer Songs from iPhone to Android Phones

Step 1. Download and install the iSkysoft Phone Transfer.

Step 2. Connect both your iPhone and your Android to your computer, and run the iSkysoft Phone Transfer, so that your phones will be detected by the iSkysoft Phone Transfer.

Step 3. Choose the “Phone to Phone Transfer” mode. And then you will see your phones displayed on the primary window.

Tip: In this time, you need to make sure that your iPhone is showed on the left box and your Android is shown on the right box so that you can transfer from iPhone to Android. Or you can click on “Flip” to exchange them.

Step 4. On the middle box, choose the data files you want and check them. For example, if you want to transfer the audios only, then check “Music” only and uncheck the others. Finally, click on “Start Copy” to transfer them directly from your iPhone to your Android.

Get iSkysoft Phone Transfer


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