The iCloud is a safe and reliable storage app for the users of iPhone, but you may ask what is the best iCloud alternative for Android users. Don't worry! You will know the top 5 of the iCloud alternative after this article.

1. iCloud alternative – Wondershare MobileGo

This is the most popular application all around the world, which specializes in data management. And it is compatible with not only the Android phones but also the iPhones. You can upload all the data files you want with this application. Besides, you can create & restore backups with it. And it is excited that it is free on phones and tables.

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2. iCloud alternative – SugarSync

This is the second one I what to introduce. It is widely used both for personal purposes and business needs because it is really easy to use. And you can even get a customized version for yourself. But the thing is, you cannot use it for free and the only free trial version is available for 30 days.

3. iCloud alternative – Google Drive

This is the official cloud storage service, which is safe and reliable as iCloud. It can help you upload almost any files on your Android phone, including media files, and it enables you to restore the backups on any other phones. The biggest glitter of it is that you can share files with other users and they can even edit the files.

4. iCloud alternative – Amazon Cloud Drive

This application is based on the Amazon so it is easy to understand that it is focused on the media data. And there are a great amount of Android phones are supported by this application. But there is something barely satisfactory. One is you have to use Adobe Flash to work with it, and the second is you cannot have its competitors on your device simultaneously.

5.iCloud alternative – Dropbox

This is a handy software for both Android users and users with any other phones. You can back up all data files like the photos, music, videos from your portable devices or your computer. And there are a lot of wonderful options for online storage but you need to pay for it. Another problem is you can get only a small storage space for free and if you need more you need to pay.

A Table for Comparison

MobileGoSugarSyncGoogle DriveAmazon Cloud DriveDropbox
Supported OSAndroidAndroid, iOS, WindowsAndroid, iOS, WindowsAndroid, iOS, WindowsAndroid, iOS, Windows
Free SpaceFree for Mobile5 GB15 GB5 GB2 GB
Supported Data TypeDocuments, photosDocuments, photos, videosDocuments, photos, videosMedia filesDocuments, photos, videos

Now you can choose the best iCloud alternative you like and give a try. It is safe so don't worry about losing data. And you can also secure the data with password. It is crucial that you contain both numbers and special symbols.