Wie man iPhone SE-Daten mit iPhone Transfer synchronisiert

Assuming that, you just get a new iPhone SE 2, you must wonder how to transfer phone data from the old one as you think it is too hard and trouble to deal with the data processing. Jedoch, don't be nervous and just take it easy, since there are some methods for you to achieve this target. In this process, all you need to do is searching for one kind of iPhone SE Transfer for help. It can not only help you do the transfer process but can also ensure your data security without any data loss. With the help of the iPhone SE Transfer, you will find the transfer process more efficient and easier.

Although there are much iPhone SE Transfer tools can be found in the market, which promises that they are useful. Manchmal, it results in malfunction which makes users feel unsatisfied. hier, I'd like to introduce a reliable and efficient tool for you, which is called iSkysoft iPhone Transfer for Mac and for Windows. It is so powerful that can help you move all your data from/ to iPhone SE quickly without any effort.

iSkysoft Phone Transfer can support many media devices and have wonderful features as following to make everything become more simple than before:

  • 1. It supports to move every bit of data (Anrufprotokolle, Kontakte, Nachrichten, calendar and apps) from one phone to new one.
  • 2. It supports to backup all data to the computer just within one click.
  • 3. You can also recover the phone data.
  • 4. It can wipe all the existing data including those files which have been deleted.

Detail steps on how to move data between iPhone SE to any other phone.

Once you have got this software, it will help you move data with ease and all you need to do is pressing on one click. Here are the detail steps.

schritt 1. Download and install the iPhone SE Transfer

Install & Launch iPhone SE Transfer and then move to the main window to start the program. Danach, go to the window of phone to phone transfer.

holen Sie sich iSkysoft Phone Transfer

iSkysoft Telefon-Transfer

schritt 2. Link two Phones to the Mac or Windows

Connect both Phones to the Mac or Windows with the help of appropriate or preferred connection method. Wait for a moment, both phones will be recognized. Danach, press on theflipbutton to make sure that the Source and the Destination device is in the right place.


schritt 3. Start the process of transferring data

It is your turn to decide which data should be moved from or to iPhone SE. After checking and unchecking the files, you can follow the instructions to begin the process of data transfer from iPhone SE to Android and vice-versa. With using iPhone SE Transfer, your data will be moved without any data loss.

iPhone 6C Transfer

holen Sie sich iSkysoft Phone Transfer


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