Manage Android Data with iTunes for Android Easily

MobileGo Android Manager can work as iTunes for Android device. It's the best iTunes app for Android, iTunes for Android Tablet management. The article will show you how this powerful Android iTunes app works.

iTunes is necessary for you, if you have iPhone, iPod, iPad or iMac. You need iTunes to manage and sync your files for Apple devices. While you maybe an Android user now, you can't find an application like iTunes to manage files of your Android devices.

Don't worry, here is one can supply the service as you ever enjoyed in iTunes although its function is not the copy of iTunes. The Android iTunes is called Wondershare Wondershare MobileGo for Android. You can manage or sync your contents, like photos, videos, music, pictures, Apps all by it.

Note: The screenshots below are about the user guide uses Wondershare MobileGo for Android Windows version. Mac MobileGo for Android acts just like the Windows version. So you can just insure that the version you have downloaded is right.

Download for Windows

When Android iTunes – MobileGo Android Manager is already installed, then run it and connect your Android devices with the application on the computer by USB or Wi-Fi. (Wi-Fi connection can't be used for Mac MobileGo for Android.)


1. Transfer your Android contacts by iTunes Android

The contacts can be transferred quickly and safely between your phone or android tablet and computer with the iTunes for Android – MobileGo for Android.

  • Add contact: You can add new contacts and save them whenever you want via iTunes Android manager.
  • Transfer contacts: The contacts of your old phone can be exported to a new one via the iTunes for Android.
  • Import and export: With the iTunes Android app, you can import contacts from vCard and export contacts to vCard for data backup. ( To Outlook, Windows Address, Windows Mail, etc. are only available in MobileGo Pro version)
  • Send message: You can also send message to anyone in your contacts on the computer via this iTunes for Android Tablet.
  • Other: The iTunes for Android Tablet also let you organize contacts efficiently, like removing your contacts and creating new groups.

2. Backup messages on Android phone by Android iTunes

You can not only backup SMS by transferring to the computer, but also can send messages to your friends, families or anyone you want easily via the iTunes for Android Tablet – MobileGo Android Manager.

3. Transfer your multimedia contents

With the iTuns Android app – MobileGo Android Manager, movies, music and pictures can be imported or exported quickly and easily, just like iTunes.

4. Install Android apps from computer

You can install your non market APK files to Android from PC or you can install them on your phone directly with this iTunes for Android Tablet program. And also, you can transfer Apps to PC for backup.

Stop hesitating; download it right now to experience the convenience that this MobileGo for Android (Android Tablet) program brings you.

Download for Windows
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