Sync Android Songs with iOS Device, Transfer Music from Android to iOS 9

Sometimes, we need to transfer music between Android and iOS 9, but don't know what to do, since you have to get the right tool to reach this target. As we all know, Android and iPhone are different in the respect of operating systems. Considering the situation, we need a device which can support these two platforms. In this regard, PC seems to be the perfect one to connect both platforms. There are a large number of software in the application market are available to transfer music from Android to iOS 9 device. I'd like to recommend some best solutions for you as far as I can see.

Part 1. Using Phone Transfer to sync music from Android to iOS 9 in just One Click

In the field of music transfer, iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Mac (or iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Windows) is one of the best programs. It is a kind of powerful software which has a variety of functions, especially good at transferring, deleting and backing up all types of mobile phone data. It is also an efficient program whose usage is easy to understand. This tool is not only suitable for both Mac and Windows platforms, but also supports many kinds of platforms, such as Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone and iPhone.

More functions of iSkysoft Phone Transfer

  • 1. High quality data backup and complete data restore make the data remain the same.
  • 2. Data can be deleted from the old devices completely because of the depth of the scanning.
  • 3. It supports data restoring from Android, iOS and the Symbian operating system.
  • 4. It supports music transfer from iTunes to any other phone.

Transfer music from Android to iOS 9 device in just one click

At the very beginning, you had better prepare a working laptop or computer in advance, since you want to transfer music between Android and iOS 9 effectively. Here are some steps to move music while using this Android to iOS Music Transfer tool. It is wise of you to follow them step by step.

Step 1. Download and install this Android to iOS Music Transfer tool

It is easy for you to download this program by pressing on the button of “Download”, which is shown below. Once the download is completely completed, press on the installation file. It will prompt you to follow the steps to install the program. When it is installed on your laptop or computer, you can double click on the iSkysoft Phone Transfer icon to start this program. When all these have been done, you will see a new window display various options, and it is your turn to decide whether you want to transfer data from phone to phone, backup data, erase old phone or restore from backups.
Download for Windows  Download for Mac

iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Step 2: Connect both the iOS & Android devices

To process further, you should choose the tab of “Phone to Phone Transfer”, then press on the “Start” button. Then a new window will show up to ask you to connect your phone to your laptop or computer. So use the USB cable to help, you can choose any USB port according to the personal willingness. What should pay attention to is that the USB debugging option should be allowed if you are prompted to do so, because only in this way you can sync the data or transfer the music.


Step 3: Start the service of music transfer from Android to iOS 10, 9

This powerful program can scan both Android device and the information stored in it. In this part, you will see a new window display all kinds of information, and it is your turn to check the data which should be transferred, such as messages, videos, images, contacts and other files. Choose and check the “Music” box, then press on the button of “Start Copy”. Of course, you can view the progress bar to check the percentage of data being replicated. Do not disconnect during the process and all you need to do is to wait for the process to the end.

transfer music from Android to iOS Devices
Download for Windows  Download for Mac

Part 2. Using Dragging and Dropping to transfer music between Android and iOS 9 / 10

In this part, there are two main steps. First of all, you should transfer music by dragging data from Android to your computer. Second, you should drop data from computer to the iOS 9 iPhone. Here are the steps for you to follow:

Step 1.Using the USB cable to connect the Android phone and the computer.

First of all, Android device should be connected to your computer. Thanks to the sharing as MTP device option, most phones can be detected automatically by the personal computer.

Step 2.Copy music files which should be transferred

Create one folder in the designated location to save your music files. You can give it a special name, such as “Music to Transfer”, so that you can find the photos easily after the transferring. Then copy and paste the files in this new folder.

Step 3.Download and install the program called iPhone manage

Download the program, then double click on the installation file, follow the provided instructions and run the program. Then connect the iOS9 device to the computer. In general, it will detect the device automatically and display all the data in the main window.

Step 4. Drop music files from computer to the iOS 9 or iOS 10 iPhone.

When you will see the media button on the left, please press on it, so that it will open the management window one by one automatically. Then choose the music window, select the tab of “Add”. It is your turn to check which files should be transferred. After that, press on the “Import” button, then all you need to do is to wait for the process to the end.

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