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The Best Way to Organize Music on Android Phones & Tablets


The article will show you the best way to organize music on Android phones or tablet devices easily with the help of a professional Android Music Organizer tool.

If you are a music lover, you must have stored a lot of music on your Android device, right? As for me, I always search for the latest and hottest songs through the internet, then I saved them to my portable Android device to enjoy them whenever and wherever I like. However, I also like viewing more details of the songs, such as an artist. I like putting this music into separate folders and make the classification. However, I have so huge number of music that makes it difficult to do the organization.

Now, I find a very useful Android music organizer tool. It is called Wonershare MobileGo for Android (Windows). The professional tool enables all Android device users to manage and organize music in an easy way. You can have a try. Through the free trial version, you can manage part of your songs on your Android phone or tablet from the computer. You just need to download the right version below and then launch it by double-clicking. I will show you steps to use the program for organizing music on Android.

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The simple way to organize music on Android phone and tablet

Step 1: In the starting window, you need to connect your Android device to your computer. You ought to ensure that your device can be detected and recognized as part of your computer. You can do the connection via a USB cable. If you are Windows version, you can also do the connection via wi-fi. Then your Android device will be listed in the starting window.


Step 2: Here are ways to organize your Android music. Please click “Music” in the left side column to bring up the music window. You will see all the music on your device listed in the starting window. With the Android music organizer tool, you can do many things more than organize your music.

import and export music with MobileGo

  • Install music from the Internet: if you want to download more music from the online streaming website, please click “Wontube MP3 Download” in the left sidebar, or you can add music websites and then search more interesting songs to your device.
  • Add new music in batch: to do this, please click the triangle under “Add” button, then you can select the music you want to add to your Android device. You can also add iTunes playlists to your device to add music in batch.
  • Make Android music backup: you can open the music window and then choose all your music or part of them, then click “Export” so that you can backup them to your computer or iTunes in an easy way.
  • Delete music directly: just select the music you don't want to keep anymore, and then click “Delete” to remove them.
  • Create, rename and delete music playlist: you can right-click the songs you want to edit, then choose from options to create new playlists, rename them or delete them through the tool.
  • Set your song as ringtone: you can also find the function through the Internet. Through the tool, it is very easy to make any song as a ringtone.

Can't wait to try the tool to organize music on your Android devices? Just download the free trial version now!

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