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Over the past year, Snapchat has gained a lot of popularity. It's gotten to the point that it's more likely for someone to have a Snapchat account than not. With this popularity, Snapchat has become a more transparent app, and more information is available about your friends. Of course, there are limits to the information that you can find out, and as a result, you'll likely find yourself looking at a Snapchat hack.

If you're worried about becoming a victim of Snapchat hacking, don't be. If you verify your phone number, email address, and you don't tell anyone your password, you should be fine. For our hacker readers, we're going to be showing you how to use the iPhone Spy App – Spyzie and mSpy to hack Snapchat accounts.

If you wish to know how to Create a Snapchat face swap, this is just for you.

Part 1. Spyzie Snapchat Hack Android

For this first solution, we're going to address Spyzie. This Snapchat hack Android, as well as Whatsapp, hack for Android has proven time and time again to be incredibly effective for hacking social media accounts. Recently, this hacking tool has been in the spotlight as it allows you to hack and monitor a social media account without the target knowing about it.

Spyzie consists of two parts: an Android app and an online dashboard. After installing the app on the target's device, you can enable the different features from your computer. Most of these features are powered through the use of a keylogger.

If we take into consideration how most Snapchat hack Android solutions use surveys, this is a fantastic tool. Spyzie doesn't make you complete any surveys and lets you get straight into it.

Using Spyzie to Hack a Snapchat Account

Follow our detailed guide below so that you can successfully use Spyzie for Snapchat hacking. Make sure that prior to following these steps, you have access to the target's smartphone.

Step #1 – Start by registering an account on Spyzie's website. This only takes a few minutes.

Step #2 – After creating an account, follow the account setup steps that will be shown. You'll be walked through each step for Spyzie to create a dashboard which is personalized for your needs.

Step #3 – Now that your account is prepared you must install the Spyzie app on your target's device. This will only take a few minutes to do.

Note: obtaining your target's device without them knowing can be difficult. Our suggestion is to take it while they are either asleep or out of the room.

Step #4 – On their device, go to the “Settings” app, tap on “Security”, and enable the “Unknown sources” slider. On the pop-up warning, tap “OK”.

Step #5 – Now open up a web browser app, go to the Spyzie website, and download the Spyzie application.

Step #6 – You can find the downloaded APK in the device's download folder. Simply tap on it, install it, and allow the requested permissions.

Step #7 – Launch the app and when prompted, enter the email address and password of the account that you had created earlier.

Step #8 – You'll receive another notification requesting permissions, allow these too.

Step #9 – Tap on the “Start Monitoring” button and the device will now be monitored. Exit the app, and you can now remove the shortcut so that your target is unaware that you're spying on them.

Step #10 – Return their device to where you got it from and open the Spyzie dashboard. Click on “Social Apps”, “Snapchat”, and enable the “Feature Status” slider at the top.

From this point on, any Snapchat data that is received or sent from the device will be tracked. You'll be able to access all of this information directly from the dashboard, anywhere that you are. You'll also notice that there's a keylogging feature – if you enable this, you'll find out their password too!

There are a lot of different hacking features available on Spyzie, aside from Snapchat hack, it can hack Viber AccountHack Facebook account, WhatsApp Hackspy on Instagram. Browser history, GPS location, text messages, and even live screenshots – Spyzie includes these features and many more!

Try Spyzie

Part 2. mSpy Snapchat Hack Android

Not interested in what Spyzie has to offer? Not a problem. Another Snapchat hack tool that you can use is mSpy, which works in a similar way.

mSpy is just as popular as Spyzie and is without a doubt the best alternative. One advantage of this tool is that it's compatible with both iOS and Android devices, giving you more flexibility. For more mSpy Reviewsthis is just for you.

Using mSpy to Hack a Snapchat Account

If you're interested in using mSpy for Snapchat hack Android or iOS, follow our guide below. This should take only a few minutes to complete and afterward, you'll have successfully gained access to your target's Snapchat account.

Step #1 – Go to the mSpy website and purchase the software. A demo is available, giving you the chance to see mSpy before you purchase it.

Step #2 – Next, get your hands on the target device. As before, obtaining it while the target is asleep is the best way to avoid getting caught.

Step #3 – Install the mSpy app on the target device (there are both Android and iOS apps) and your own device.

Note: if you're installing mSpy on an Android device, enable the “Unknown Sources” option in the Settings app.

Step #4 – On the target's device, open the application and follow the setup steps. You will be prompted to enter your login information during the setup, so do so.

Step #5 – After the app is set up, you can delete the shortcut from the device, and the app will remain hidden.

Step #6 – From this point on you will be able to access the data from the mSpy dashboard.

One of the great features that this tool has to offer is the keylogger feature. As a result, you can actually get the target's Snapchat login. Therefore, you can view their previous chat messages and sent photos. You can also use mSpy for the Snapchat hack as well as many other social media platforms – it's a very flexible tool!

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Part 3. Snapchat Tips and Tricks

Just as with every smartphone app, Snapchat is equipped with some different tips and tricks. Regardless of whether or not you're new to Snapchat, it's worth checking some of these out. Even if you've had Snapchat for a while, you could learn something new!

Multiple Filters.

Even veteran Snapchat users aren't aware that you can do this. After applying a filter (e.g., the dog ears or your location emblem), you can add another filter. Simply swipe to the right or left, as you usually would, and select the one you'd like to use. Most people are aware of both of these features, but they aren't aware that they can be used together! After a few minutes, you'll see that there are hundreds of filter combinations available.

Face Swap with 3 People.

While Snapchat hasn't promoted this feature, they have recently added it to the app. Not only can you do 3-way face swapping, but you can include three people in filters. Simply make sure that all three people who are in the selfie are in clear view, select the face swap, and you're done!

At the moment, the limit is three people. However, given that they recently upgraded it from 2 to 3, it's likely they'll continue to increase this limit.

Design Custom Geofilters.

Another subtle feature that Snapchat added is custom geofilters. You'll likely have noticed that if you're out and about, different filters are available. Similarly, you can design your own geofilter and upload it for other Snapchat users to use.

The only downside to custom geofilters on Snapchat is that they are removed after 24 hours. While frustrating, it ensures that the app doesn't slow down due to too many filters.

Edit Your Photos and Memories.

You will likely have seen the option to add or edit memories on Snapchat by now. This feature has been around for a while but what you might not know about is that you can edit your camera roll too.
Just as you're able to add and edit your memories, you can do the same with the other photos you have taken. All you have to do is tap the memories icon, swipe to “Camera Roll”, and select the photo to edit. You can even save your edited photos as memories afterward!

External Lenses.

This is an old feature but is one that not enough people take advantage of. By attaching an external lens to your iPhone's camera, you can take your snaps to a whole new level.

At first, this might seem difficult, but a quick Google search will point you in the right direction.

Increased Text Limit.

Even though Snapchat recently increased the text limit, it's still not enough for some people. Fortunately, there is an easy workaround to increase your text limit.

Both iOS and Android devices have “Notes” apps available. Simply write your long text as a note, screenshot it, and send it as a Snapchat. One thing to remember is that you should limit how much you write – the longer the text, the harder to read. You should also increase the Snapchat time limit so that the recipients have enough time to read it.

Switch Your Camera While Recording.

Given that you can record videos for a long time on Snapchat, it's worth noting that you can switch cameras. For example, if you are recording with the back camera, you're able to switch to the front.
To do this, simply double-tap the screen while recording and it will switch – it's that simple!

Use a Stylus.

Are you an artist in your own way? Using a stylus will make it easier to draw and add your own illustrations to your snaps. This simple tool makes it significantly easier to draw on a smartphone.

Expand Your Colour Wheel.

You can easily expand the colors that you have access to on Snapchat. When selecting a color, simply drag your finger to the side. This will adjust the shade of the selected color, thus providing you with a wide range of different options.

Similarly, you can access black by swiping to the bottom and white by swiping to the left.

Add Emojis to Your Snaps.

Emojis and BitMojis are a great way to make Snapchat more fun of using. These custom emojis take your custom avatar and turn it into a unique emoji.

On top of that, you're also able to use the standard smartphone emojis that are installed.

To Conclude for Snapchat Hack Android

Snapchat quickly became a hit smartphone app, so it's only natural that people are interested in the Snapchat hack. Whether you're a concerned parent or friend, knowing how to hack can be helpful. Keeping in mind that teenagers know a lot about technology, it's worth parents learning about Snapchat hack Android. Keeping one step ahead of them will ensure that they're safe and aren't talking to an online predator!


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