Les meilleures Spy Call Recorder Solutions pour iOS et Android

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Au fil des ans, espionnage a été réputé comme malveillant et contraire à l’éthique. C’est compréhensible, surtout si l'on considère combien de scandales piratage y ont été récemment. Mais si nous nous concentrons plutôt sur l’importance de la sécurité en ligne pour les enfants, espionnage est la seule option. Pensez-y: le monde évolue rapidement, et nous comptons déjà sur la technologie de beaucoup car il est. Une hypothèse sans danger serait qu’à l’avenir nous allons dépendent encore plus. Ainsi, Nous ne pouvons cacher nos enfants sur internet, donc nous devons utiliser un enregistreur d’appel espion to keep an eye on them.

Again, given how common hacking scandals have become, la plupart des sites vont de leur mieux pour renforcer leur sécurité. Vous l’aurez deviné – trouver un enregistreur qui passent à travers la sécurité d’un smartphone n’est pas facile. Notre article est divisé en deux sections: un pour enregistreurs spy iOS et un autre pour enregistreurs Android.

Section 1. Retour au début 5 Spy Call Recorder Solutions pour iOS Devices

iPhones ont toujours été populaires téléphones mobiles, mais cela n’a fait qu’Apple plus prudents sur les outils d’espionnage. Néanmoins, we've done our research and found you the top 5 tools to use.

#1 – Spyzie

Prix: $39.99/month
Supported Versions: iOS 10 and later
Spyzie is one of the newer Snapchat spy apps out there but which has a lot more to offer than some of its competitors. Not only does Spyzie feature a sleek interface that's very easy to use, but after you set up the application on the target device, you can enable monitoring for any data types that you want.

  • This amazing Tinder hack app doesn't require any rooting or jailbreaking.
  • Easy to start tracking more data types.
  • A demo version is available.
  • Create a schedule which limits user activity at certain times.
  • To track an iOS device, you need the target's iCloud login.

#2 – Spyera

Prix: $189 per 3 months
Supported Versions: iOS 10.2 and later
Première, we have Spyera, a popular spying solution that can record and store phone calls. Being able to record phone calls is just one of the many features that Spyera has to offer, as well as viewing text messages, historique du navigateur, notifications, contact information, and so much more.

  • Spyera detects and records ambient audio.
  • Can track the live GPS location of your targets without recording audio.
  • You are able to record an entire voice call in one recording.
  • One of the priciest spy call recorder tools.
  • You're required to jailbreak your iOS device.
  • Spyera dashboard is out of date.

#3 – XNSPY

Prix: $12.49/month
Supported Versions: iOS 6 pour iOS 11.2.6
Another call recorder that impresses us is XNSPY, a solution that is mainly for parents. This platform has been receiving a lot of attention from both parents and employers simply because of how effective it has proven to be. Vous pouvez créer un compte gratuitement, mais vous devez être abonné pour utiliser les fonctionnalités.

  • Facile à apprendre et à s’équiper.
  • Inclut des fonctions d’enregistrement plus qu’un simple appel.
  • Prix très raisonnable.
  • Vous ne pouvez accéder au tableau de bord sur un ordinateur.
  • Pas aussi facile à utiliser comme autres solutions d’enregistreur appel espion.

#4 – MobiStealth

Prix: $40/month
Supported Versions: iOS 9 and later
MobiStealth est l’un des outils espions originales, et même si l’interface utilisateur vieillit, C’est toujours un outil d’espionnage incroyablement efficace. Si vous aimez à l’aide de Mobistealth, Il faut considérer la recherche dans l’ordinateur de contrôle de version.

It is worth noting that Mobistealth is actually available on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Can be used as a remote spy call recorder.
  • Allows users to monitor their target's browser and app activity.
  • Provides a lot of useful information about the target.
  • Somewhat expensive in comparison to other call recorders.
  • Unappealing (and out of date) interface.

#5 – Spy Phone App

Prix: Gratuit!
Supported Versions: iOS 6 pour iOS 9.0.2
No matter how hard you try, you wouldn't be able to fault the Spy Phone App. This solution is completely free to use, and by using it, you're able to get access to so many useful features. While the interface needs a makeover, Spy Phone App is still one of the most reliable options.

  • Free to use and easy to prepare for spying.
  • A wide variety of spying features are available.
  • When used as a spy call recorder, the target isn't made aware.
  • Allows users to track more than one target.
  • An Incredibly basic user interface that can be difficult to use.

Section 2. Retour au début 5 Spy Call Recorder Solutions pour les appareils Android

Android goes much further than iOS; Android is open-source and can be used by anyone, but iOS is only available on Apple products. C’est pourquoi, more developers have put their skills towards creating their own spy call recorder.

#1 – Spyzie

Prix: $29.99/month
Supported Versions: Androïde 4.0 and later
Making another appearance on our list is Spyzie, the upcoming spying tool that's available for both iOS and Android devices. Your anonymity is guaranteed and after the initial setup, tracking more data only requires a few clicks. It's also an amazing Employee Monitoring Software.


  • Constantly receives updates to implement new features.
  • Hack SMS messages en toute simplicité.
  • Two pricing plans are available depending on your needs.
  • Easy to install on an Android device.
  • Retrieving the target's device can be difficult.

#2 – Hoverwatch

Prix: $8.33/month
Supported Versions: Androïde 4.0 pour Android 8.1
At the top of our Android call recorder list is Hoverwatch. With Hoverwatch you can monitor absolutely everything that your target does on their smartphone. On top of using it to record voice calls remotely, when you pay for a subscription you'll get access to a collection of innovative spying features that are exclusive to Hoverwatch users. (Related Article: Hoverwatch Review)

  • Has a reasonable subscription price.
  • Uses an intricate algorithm meaning that you can track your target anonymously.
  • It is reputable among parents as a great spying tool.
  • Can be used as far more than just a spy call recorder.
  • Hoverwatch only supports a few Android models (par exemple, Nokia and BlackBerry).

#3 – The Truth Spy

Prix: $21.99/month
Supported Versions: Androïde 2.2 pour Android 7.0
Another spy call recorder that might interest you is The Truth Spy. This solution is available for both Android and iOS devices but functions better on Android. Once you have it set up, you will not only be able to record the call's audio, but The Truth Spy is capable of recording background noise too.

  • Records high-quality phone calls from your target's device.
  • It isn't required for the device to be rooted to spy on it.
  • The dashboard is accessible from your smartphone (spy on the go!).
  • Customer support is only available to Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS devices that haven't been jailbroken.
  • More expensive than the average spying solution.

#4 – HelloSpy

Prix: $29.99/month
Supported Versions: Androïde 2.2 pour Android 6.0
HelloSpy is primarily for recording phone calls, but a quick glance will prove that it comes with much more. If your concern is to monitor your child's online activity and make sure that they're being safe, HelloSpy is for you.

  • All of the phone calls that you track with this spy call recorder are anonymous.
  • Background noise can also be recorded using HelloSpy.
  • Monitor the detected data from an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • You are able to track and access a lot of data on top of their phone calls.
  • Free trial version has a limitation of just 2 jours.
  • The subscription price is higher than some other tools.

#5 – FlexiSpy

Prix: $149/year
Supported Versions: Androïde 4.0.3 pour Android 7.1.1
The price of FlexiSpy might seem high, but keep in mind that this is an annual payment. If we ignore the price, FlexiSpy is a very impressive app for spying on others' phone calls without them knowing. Unlike some of the other tools that are available, this solution is so flexible that both parents and employers use it regularly.

  • Easy to use for listening to phone calls.
  • Tracking other data types (GPS location, contacts, Notes, textes, etc.) is easy to enable.
  • The target will have no idea that you are spying on them.
  • An annual subscription can be too expensive for some people.
  • Too much clutter on the FlexiSpy dashboard.

To Conclude for Spy Call Recorder

These are the best of the best, and you won't find anything better than these spying tools out there. Each of these spy call recorder solutions has their pros and their cons, but at the end of the day, it comes down to your preferences. If you want to track a specific type of data as well as phone calls, then make sure that the platform supports that data type. De la même façon, choose a call recorder that is within your price range and that you can afford. To conclude, there are plenty of recorders out there, and as long as you choose the one that suits your needs, that's all that matters.

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