Sync Google Contacts with iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6 in Just a few Steps

We all know iPhone is like a complete tech-savvy package with enthralling features in a single device. iPhone is actually a role model showcasing how a simple machine like a phone can be accustomed dramatically to fulfill every need of a human with such an ease. With all the high-end attributes included in a sleek phone, it has eliminated the need to buy various other gadgets. iPhone handsets are fully automated and self-standing to take personal care of every person's needs and demands ranging from fitness, photography, communication to storage of important data.

This small yet wonderful device actually has tons to offer that may lure every layman at some or the other edge. If you're planning to opt for the latest iPhone, you may need to sync Google contacts with iPhone from your existing handset. Being an ordinary android user, you may find difficulty in importing contacts details from Gmail to your brand new Apple handset. The process of importing contacts from android to iPhone is a bit complex. But, there are numerous ways to sync Google contacts with iPhone. Here we have listed two best and easiest methods to easily sync Google contacts with iPhone and make your iPhone set-up experience better. Let's read about them.

Method 1. Importing – Super-easy way to Sync Google contacts with iPhone.

One of the easiest ways to transfer Gmail contacts to iPhone handset is importing the contacts using PC. Transferring Gmail contact to iPhone directly is not possible. Thus, one needs to impanel the third party transferring software to Sync Google contacts with iPhone easily. dr.fone – Transfer software can actually assist you in transferring the Gmail contact to latest iPhone with the help of a PC. Using dr.fone software, it is easy to move all the contacts in a very feasible and convenient manner.

dr.fone – Transfer (iOS) being actual professional software has all the solutions for phone related problems under one roof. It helps to manage all the issues related to devices, particularly phone in just a few steps. This software is perfect iOS and Android phone manager with super-exciting features. This software is not only used to Sync Google contacts with iPhone but also helps to manage photos, videos, apps, messages, and other important data present on Android devices as well as iPhone handsets.

dr.fone is facilitated for Windows and Mac system too. Also, iTunes is not required to organize features entailing iOS devices. This software helps to transfer the Gmail contacts from an ordinary android phone to iPhone using very easy steps.

dr.fone – Transfer (iOS) – A wonderful phone manager as well as data transferring software

  • There is no requirement of iTunes
  • This software is completely accordant with iOS 12.
  • Sync Google contacts with iPhone along with music and photos without any restrictions from iTunes.
  • Eliminates the duplication of contacts.
  • Manages all the Images, Contacts and various other files stored on iPhone.
  • Straightaway sends the media files in android phones to iOS devices using just a click.
  • Transfers and converts the soundtracks, videos and other media files to iDevice friendly formats.
  • Delete the photos, contacts as well as videos in a batch within few seconds.
  • Helps in fixing an optimizing the ID3 tags, song information, and covers too.
  • Maintains a backup to restore iTunes library.
Download dr.fone for Windows Download dr.fone for Mac

Simple steps to sync Google contacts with iPhone handsets using dr.fone – iOS Transfer

1: Exporting Gmail contact details to PC

The foremost step is to log in with your initials in a Gmail account using any browser. Now, select the contacts to be exported and export the details to the system in the vCard format.

Export Gmail Contacts to PC
Save Contacts to vCard

2: Launching dr.fone and linking to iPhone

It is very easy to download and install dr.fone software. Launch the software on PC and enter “Transfer” Mode. Now, connect your iPhone to PC using a Universal Serial Bus cable. dr.fone software will detect the iPhone by itself.

dr.fone - iOS Transfer

3: Importing Gmail Contact details from PC to iPhone

Open dr.fone – iOS Transfer software and look up to the interface. Select the “Information” bar from menu slab at the top of the display. The list of contacts will show up. To sync Google contacts with iPhone, select “Import” and choose “from VCard File” option from the immediate menu present at the bottom of the window. Look out for VCard files present on the system and select “Open“. Now, click “OK“. All the selected contacts will be easily transferred to iPhone.

Transfer Contacts to iPhone with dr.fone - iOS Transfer

Using the above mentioned simple steps, one can easily sync Google contacts with iPhone in just a few seconds.

Advantages and disadvantages of using this method for transferring the Gmail contacts to iPhone

It is quite an easy task to sync Google contacts with iPhone using dr.fone – Transfer(iOS). This method of transferring the contact also helps a person to choose the desired contacts in a safer manner. Also, unlike iTunes, this method of transferring contacts won't cover or overshadow the authentic contacts already existing in the device. Plus the added feature of deduplication eliminates the doubling of contacts in the device very intelligently.

The trial version of dr.fone – Transfer (iOS) comes with very restricted features. Thus, to avail of the benefits to the full extent, one needs to purchase the software. This will help you to enjoy all the available features in a very easy manner. Buy buying software may cause an issue to the user looking for free and easy options to sync Google contacts with iPhone.

Download dr.fone for Windows Download dr.fone for Mac

Let us find out another way to sync Google contacts with iPhone.

Method 2. Free method to sync Google contacts with iPhone manually

There may be a case when an individual is not comfortable impaneling third-party authentication apps to sync Google contacts with iPhone. Thus, we have another manual option for the same that will include all the contact details using CardDAV method. A very stable Wi-Fi network is needed to transfer Gmail contacts from Android to iPhone using this manual method. This process is very sober, but requires a bit of time to complete and show results.

Steps to sync Google contacts with iPhone using CardDAV manual method:

1: Change your iPhone handset settings:

Open Settings on your phone and directly divert to Contacts option. After this, click on “Accounts“, select “Add Account” and choose “Other“.

2: Add your CardDAV account

Once the “Other” option opens, select “Add CardDAV Account“. As soon as the CardDAV account window displays, submit the required details mentioned below:

  • Server:
  • Username: Google email ID
  • Password: As per your own account
  • Description: Any description as per your convenience.

After entering the information, proceed further to sync Google contacts with iPhone. Click “Next” and open your contacts. Your Gmail contact details will automatically sync to your iPhone handset in just a few moments.

Note: If the option for 2-step verification is enabled on your device, then an application specific password will be required to sync Google contacts with iPhone.

Advantages and disadvantages of using this method for transferring the Gmail contact details to iPhone

CardDAV Manual method is free and simple to use. It is a bit time-consuming method but can be used by anyone very easily. In fact, if you're using this method, then there's no need to install any sort of third party software to transfer Gmail contact details to iPhone handset. But remember, this method does not facilitate transferring of selective contacts as per the convenience. Thus, you may face doubling of the contacts in the local handset contacts itself.

So, using any of the methods as mentioned earlier, you can easily sync Gmail contact details to iPhone XS (Max), iPhone XR and iPhone 7/8/X. Both of the methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Please choose the best one is solely up to user's convenience. Choose wisely!

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