September 19, 2016

Efficient Way to Transfer Contacts from Blackberry To iPhone 7 Plus

Are you wondering how to transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone 7? One of the most frustrating things you encounter while switching your old phone to a new one is moving the contacts. Without contacts list it is quite difficult for users to communicate with their friends, colleagues, business contacts and even family members.
June 26, 2016

Two Simple Ways to Put iPhone Contacts on Computer with iSkysoft Phone Transfer & TunesGo

As the saying goes, you can never have it all and iPhone users definitely understand than this more than anyone else. No matter how flashy their handset might be, it also has its own downsides, such as not letting you back up your contacts to your SIM card, a feature that is common in other kinds of smartphones.
April 2, 2016

How to Fix iPhone SE Contacts Not Syncing

Thanks to the invention of the mobile phone, it enables us to take pictures, make phone calls and surf the internet, so that people can live in a colorful and connected world. However, as with any technology, there may arise something wrong with your phone especially it has been used for a long time. Among these issues, the most common one is that the iPhone SE contacts are out of syncing. If you have an iCloud account, it is not difficult to fix this problem since you can sync the personal information between different devices such as your iPhone SE, Mac and iPad. However, it is not smooth all the time. There are some issues that occasionally interfere with this sync matter. In this regard, I will show you ten common problems with your iPhone SE and how to fix it when your iPhone SE Contacts is not Syncing.
April 1, 2016

Send iPhone Contacts to another iPhone, Computer or Gmail

There are many scenarios that you may need to send contacts from iPhone SE to your computer or new iPhone SE for backup. As we all know, people usually use Google Android devices to save contacts with using a SIM card, but this method doesn't apply to iPhone SEs. In this regard, the transferring process of the iPhone SE contacts is more complex than saving them on the SIM card. Since the contacts are saved on the memory of your iPhone SE, you had better find out a method to send contacts from iPhone SE. In the next part, I'm so glad to show you three ways to accomplish this goal, you can choose the best one according to your requirements.
March 31, 2016

The Tips on How to Backup iPhone SE Contacts Easily

Have you encountered such a situation that you have to reset your iPhone SE to its factory settings? You might do it for various reasons. For example, there is something wrong with your phone operating system or you just want to sell it to someone others. Before you do these operations, backing up all of your phone data such as the contacts app becomes an important thing, since we usually use our phone as a tool for data storage. Especially one day, you want to switch your smart phone to a new one, it is essential to back up iPhone SE Contacts, since it plays an important role upon other phone data. This contacts app contains the contact information of all your family members and friends, in this regard, remember to store them at first before you do anything to your iPhone SE. In this article, I will show you the detail steps on how to backup iPhone SE contacts to PC, iCloud, iTunes Email, iPad and so on. I believe you can learn it with ease.
March 30, 2016

Best Ways to Import Contacts to iPhone SE

There are a lot of scenarios that you need to import contacts to iPhone SE. For example, sometimes, your iPhone SE is damaged beyond repair or you just wish to release some space, so you are planning to reset your phone. In another situation, you would like to switch to a new phone since the original one is too old to use. As we usually use our phone as a tool for data storage, it is wise for you to back up the entire data before you do these operations. So how can you get back your entire address book back to the new iPhone SE? There are a variety of methods can do that for you. In the next part, I will show you 7 ways on how to import contacts to iPhone SE with ease and you can select the best one according to your requirements. The following is what you are supported to do.