Efficient Way to Transfer Contacts from Blackberry To iPhone 7 Plus

Are you wondering how to transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone 7? One of the most frustrating things you encounter while switching your old phone to a new one is moving the contacts. Without contacts list it is quite difficult for users to communicate with their friends, colleagues, business contacts and even family members.

Since it is difficult to remember everyone's contact number, when you replace your earlier device to a new one needs to be done effectively and quickly. This particularly applies when you want to transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone 7 Plus. While iCloud is an effective way to transfer contacts as is transferring contacts to email these take up a big chunk of your time. You can do the transfer quickly and efficiently with third party applications too. And there are other ways to do move contacts as easily, which we are going to look into detail in this article. Here are a few methods described to help you choose the best one for your iPhone 7 Plus device.

Methord 1. Transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone 7 plus via iSkysoft Phone Transfer

A method of transfer of contacts that involves just a few easy and simple steps irrespective of the size of your contact list is certainly a welcome one. Here is a method that helps transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone 7 Plus without disturbing or losing any of the contacts and in a few short minutes.

It is considered as the ideal option for any transfer of data from a device to another in a seamless and rapid way. The method that has so many advantages and is the ideal way to transfer contacts is iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Mac or Windows.

Why use iSkysoft Phone Transfer?

Time saving simplicity
The software is simple to use. You need not be quite tech savvy to know to use this software. You can set it up and have it working in no time. This is surely a big advantage, when you are looking for a quick transfer without any hassles.

Safe and worry free transfer
The software is very effective in transferring the contacts. The program is specifically designed to avoid overwriting of data.
All the contacts will be moved from your existing device to the new one you are replacing it with, in a safe way, so they are intact.
There will not be any alteration of data, hence worries about losing precious information from your phone is not present.

Best backup tool
In addition to being quick, safe and effective, iSkysoft Phone Transfer for Mac/Windows has another big advantage. It effectively backs up all the data present in your device.
You can restore the backed up data whenever you need the information. The software gives you options such as restoring the backed up data in your system or doing a backup from sources such as iCloud and iTunes.

Versatile data transfer tool
The software has multipurpose benefits. In addition to the above mentioned benefits, the program is also effective in transferring various other data present such as call logs, messages, calendar, documents, photos and videos from one device to another.

iSkysoft transfer tool is fully compatible with almost all of the Blackberry model devices and all iOS driven devices.

Stepwise Instructions for transferring contacts to iPhone 7 from Blackberry

Step #1
Download iSkysoft Phone Transfer software for Mac in your Mac system. Install the program and launch it.
Download for Windows  Download for Mac

Step #2
Now link your iPhone 7 and Blackberry smartphone to the Mac system via USB cables. To enable the connection, you will have to authorize Mac system through your device.

iSkysoft Phone Transfer

You will find a message that requests USB debugging of the devices connected. Now check on the option, ‘Always allow from this computer' followed by choosing, ‘OK' option to continue the connection.

Step #3
When the connection between the devices is complete, you should click on the option, ‘Phone to Phone Transfer'. This will initiate the process of transferring.

Now you can see the two devices along with data of the Source device shown right in the middle part of the panel. The source device should be the Blackberry. If this is not the case, you need to click on the option, ‘Flip'. This will reorder and change the devices to the format you need.

Step #4
The final step is to verify the data you want to transfer, which in this situation is the contacts list in your Blackberry. Now click on the option, ‘Start Copy'.

This will trigger the program to begin the transfer of files.

The phone should be linked to your Mac all through the process.

Now all contacts in your Blackberry device will be successfully moved to your iPhone 7 Plus. To transfer data of any other type, the same process should be used.

You need to just plug the devices to the Mac, choose the specific data you need to transfer and iSkysoft Phone transfer takes care of the rest of the process smoothly and quickly.

Download for Windows  Download for Mac

Method 2: Blackberry Desktop to transfer of contacts from your Blackberry device to iPhone 7 Plus

For those of you who possess Blackberry device of an earlier version, using Desktop software of Blackberry is the ideal option to transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone 7 Plus. Here are the step wise instructions to guide in this method.

Step #1
Start downloading the desktop software, if it is not already present. Connect your Blackberry to your computer with the help of USB cable. Once connected, launch the Desktop software for Blackberry.

Step #2
When your device is recognized by the software, click on the ‘Device Back Up' option in the software to begin backup of the data. Make sure the backup also includes the contacts list in your device.

Step #3
Once the backup is completed all the contacts in your Blackberry device will now be backed up in your computer.

Step #4
Transfer the contacts to your iPhone. Connect your iPhone to your system and launch iTunes. Choose ‘info' and check the Sync Contacts option.

When you use iTunes to sync the iPhone, all the contacts present in the Blackberry will automatically sync with iPhone and be available to you.

Method 3. Transfer of contacts to iPhone 7 Plus from Blackberry via Google Sync

When compared to the earlier mentioned Desktop software for Blackberry, this method is superior as all the contacts will be stored in the Google account in your name. You need to just sign in to the account have access to the contacts.

There is a difficulty in this method. You can use it only when you purchase the Google business apps. If it is not possible to have Google Apps, you can still use it by the step by step process described below:

Step #1:
To begin the transfer, you should have the Google Sync application downloaded on the Blackberry device you own.

Step #2:
Once the download is complete and the app is installed, launch it. Now login to your account in Google and choose the option, ‘Sync Now'. This will result in all the contacts present in the Blackberry to be copied in the Gmail account.

Step #3:
Now use the Settings option in your iPhone 7 and choose, ‘Contacts and Calendars' from the ‘Mail' feature. Tap the, ‘Add Account' option and select, ‘Microsoft Exchange' feature.

Enter in the Gmail address in the email box, and your username and password in the subsequent boxes and tap on Next button.

Step #4:
Move down to find the Server feature and type m.google.com in the field. Under the Contacts and Calendar feature, set yes to the Sync feature.

All the contacts in your Blackberry will now be readily available on your iPhone and Gmail account, so you can access the contacts from your phone and computer anytime.

Method 4: Transfer of contacts to iPhone from Blackberry using Blackberry Link

The Blackberry Link method is a good option to choose, if you do not prefer using the Cloud to back up your contacts or want a less expensive option.

If you have already done a data backup with Blackberry Link, you need to just transfer the contacts to iTunes. Now you can sync the contacts to your iPhone 7 Plus.

If not, here is the step by step process:

Step #1
Link the Blackberry to your system via USB cable. Open the Blackberry Link, if present. If you do not have it already, download the Link.

Step #2
Click on the Contact/calendar option on the left side of interface and in the window that opens choose the, ‘Set up Contact Syncing' and use the calendar syncing option, if you need the calendar info.

Step #3
Now choose Windows/Mac/Outlook from the menu and click on OK and then confirm it to begin the process.

Step #4
With the contacts set up in your computer, the next step is moving them to iPhone 7 Plus. It is best to work on the iPhone device's set up screen. If the setup is completed already, you need
to revert to setup mode, which can cause deletion of all settings and contents. So, you need to back up your data before going to setup mode.

Step #5
Download iTunes on your system preferably the latest iTunes version.

Step #6
Make sure all contacts and other data have been scanned by iTunes and then connect the iPhone 7. Login now, using Apple ID.

Step #7
Use the Setup screen instructions to do an iTunes sync. This can be done via Wi-Fi or by linking the iPhone to your computer. All the contacts and other data you had synced from the Blackberry device will be added to the iPhone via iTunes.

Step #8
Select the iPhone option in the left side top corner. Click on info option on the left side. Toggle the Sync contacts and click the Sync option on the right bottom side.
Now you can use the contacts in your iPhone 7 Plus.

As you can see transfer of contacts between devices is easy, especially when you use an effective tool like iSkysoft. It is easy, quick and hassle-free option to transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone 7 Plus and is the most affordable option too.

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