Simple Process to Transfer Text Messages from Samsung To iPhone 7 Plus/7

Are you looking for a safe and worry-free way to transfer text messages from Samsung to iPhone 7 Plus/7? Both Samsung and Apple vie with each other to establish a name of repute in the smartphone industry.

Consumers certainly are having a great time with new and innovative features that come with every new version these big brands release. It is common to see consumers switching over to a new device as soon as an updated version with trendy and new features is launched.

If you are switching over from your Samsung device to the new iPhone 7 Plus/7 or have both the devices, it is natural to have a backup of all the text messages present in the Samsung to your iPhone. This transfer is possible provided you have software that can allow the transfer as there are certain barriers set up by the respective phone brands that prevent the transfer.

Here are some important tips and ways to circumvent this barrier and successfully transfer text messages from Samsung to iPhone 7 Plus/7.

Method to transfer Text messages from Samsung to iPhone

When you are looking to transfer text messages from Samsung device to iPhone 7 Plus/7, choosing an easy and quick process, which is also inexpensive, is the ideal way.

iSkysoft Phone transfer tool is one such tool which meets with all the important criteria that you are looking for while transferring your personal text messages. The software is available for both Mac as well as Windows offers a risk-free and simple way of cross-platform transfer.

iSkysoft is a successful program to switch all data files including contacts, messages, call logs, music, calendar, apps, photos, videos and much more between your Samsung device and iPhone. And all these can be done with a single click.

In addition to the transfer of data files on your smartphone, the safe and wonderful tool also helps in restoration, deletion, and backup of data in a secure and efficient manner.

Important features of iSkysoft:

Efficient interface

The software is created with an interface that is extremely user-friendly. Anyone will be able to use the interface, even if they do not have prior knowledge of how the software works.

Perfect backup and restore

The program is capable of skilfully backing up data from the smartphone to Mac system or to any other device. It can also perform an effective restoration of the data backed up at a later date.

Safe data transfer

iSkysoft transfer tool is created to perform admirably. It does a complete data transfer without compromising on the quality of the data.

Method to transfer your text messages from Samsung to iPhone 7 Plus/7

Here is the stepwise instruction on the transfer method to enable an easy and fast transfer with all your messages safe and intact.

Step #1. Download iSkysoft software for phone transfer and install it in your system.

Download for Windows  Download for Mac

Step #2. Use any browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari to connect to the internet. Download the iSkysoft software trial version, which is free. You can also choose the pro version directly.

Step #3. Once you have saved the phone transfer software on your Mac system, click on the program and drag it to the Application option. This will start the installation process. It will be completed in a short time. Launch the software by using double mouse click on iSkysoft Phone transfer. This will make the four main features of the program to appear on the display screen.

iSkysoft Phone Transfer

Step #4. Connect your Samsung and iPhone 7 Plus/7 to the Mac system using the USB cables provided with the devices. Allow USB debugging to let the phone be authorized in the Mac system.

Step #5. Click on the option, ‘Phone to Phone transfer'. This will open up the transfer window of the software. The software program will now automatically do a scan of the two devices and the devices will be shown on the software interface. The data of the source (Samsung) device will be displayed in complete detail.

Step #6. Choose particular files which you prefer to switch from your Samsung device to iPhone 7 Plus/7. Since it is text messages you want in this situation, you need to select the option, ‘Text messages'. Now click on Start Copy option. This will start the transfer of the messages between the devices.

If you prefer to have more space for storage before the transfer commences, you can check the clear data copy feature first and then click on the Start Copy option.

You will now see a pop-up box on the screen. The progress of the transfer of data will be shown in this box in the form of the percentage. Make sure you have the two phones connected properly to the Mac for complete and fast transfer of the messages. iSkysoft transfer tool for smartphones works at rapid speed ensuring fast data transfer.

In addition to switching data from Samsung to iPhone 7 Plus/7, iSkysoft Phone Transfer can also be used for transfer from iPhone 7 Plus/7 to Samsung and between any other type of smartphones including Nokia, Blackberry, Android and more.
Download for Windows  Download for Mac

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