How to Wipe iPhone X/8/7/6S/6 Plus without Apple ID

Having an Apple ID is necessary for you to complete a lot of different tasks on the iPhone itself. Things such as download apps or creating a backup on iCloud, they all require an Apple ID. One of these tasks that can't be completed without an Apple ID is completely wiping the iPhone of all data. The reason for this is in case you have your iPhone stolen from you. Without the Apple ID credentials, the user won't be able to wipe the iPhone and use it for themselves. So, how you can wipe your iPhone 6/6S/7/8 Plus/X without having an Apple ID or your Apple ID is disabled?

Part 1: Wipe iPhone Without Apple ID

As mentioned above, while most processes including wiping your iPhone require you to have an Apple ID, there is still a way to wipe your iPhone without one. Deleting data manually is not an efficient method, as by doing that means that the data is still recoverable, which isn't what we want to achieve. To make sure that the data is gone and is not recoverable, there are a few different methods that we can use. The easiest of these methods is with the use of the iSkysoft Data Eraser (available for both Windows and Mac).

Key Features of iSkysoft Data Eraser

While the primary function of the program is to completely remove all data from the device, it comes with many other handy features too.

  • The iSkysoft Data Eraser is specially developed to contain all of the tools that are necessary for wiping all of your iPhone X/8/7/6S/6 Plus data and making it impossible to recover.
  • By removing all unwanted data, making it unrecoverable, and removing any files that are useless to your iPhone, a boost in your device's performance will be noticed afterward.
  • There are 3 different modes within the program. These modes are, “erase all data”, “erase private data”, and “erase deleted data”, all which remove different types of data.
  • There is a “photo compressor” mode which allows for you to compress any photos that you have stored, making them take up less space on your device.
  • While the program uses a variety of data recovery tools, once your data is removed there is no way to get it back.

Using iSkysoft Data Eraser to Wipe iPhone X/8/7/6S/6 Plus without Apple ID

Step #1 – First, download the iSkysoft Data Eraser program and install it accordingly.

Download for Windows  Download for Mac

Step #2 – After making sure that it has been installed properly, run the program and wait for it to load.

Step #3 – Connect your iPhone 7/6S/6 Plus using a USB data cable.

Step #4 – On the left panel, you will be able to choose from 5 different options. In this explanation, we will be using the “Erase All Data” option, however, it is worth taking a look at the other options too.

Step #5 – Click on the “Erase all Data” option, and a warning box will appear on your screen, explaining what you should do before you erase all of the data on your device.

Step #6 – To confirm that you want to continue with erasing all of the data, type “delete” in the confirmation box, and click “Erase Now“.

Depending on how much data you have saved on your iPhone, this data wiping process can take some time. It's important to be patient, as if you remove your device midway through the process, it can be dangerous.

Part 2: Wiping iPhone X/8/7/6S/6 Plus While It's Locked

From time to time, we forget things. Sometimes in the morning, we forget to pick up our house keys and leave without them. Sometimes we forget an important document that we need for work. Sometimes, we forget our iPhone password. This often leaves us with a sinking feeling inside and leaves us thinking to ourselves that we'll have to pay someone to unlock it for us and reset the password, or if it's time for a new phone you move that process forward. However, there is a simple method that allows for you to wipe your iPhone 6S while it's locked, meaning you don't have to pay anyone to sort out your problem for you or even get a new phone. All you need is your computer and some time.

Also, you may like to know how to restore iPhone without updating and how to reset iPhone without passcode and computer

How to Wipe iPhone While It's Locked with iTunes

Step #1 – Start by making sure that you have already downloaded iTunes and installed it accordingly.

Step #2 – Once iTunes has installed, run the program and connect your iPhone 6S with a USB cable.

Step #3 – After your iPhone has finished syncing with iTunes, on the left panel of iTunes click on your device.

Note: It's important that you allow your iPhone to sync with iTunes, otherwise a backup will not be created.

Step #4 – Click the “Restore iPhone” option, and your iPhone will be restored. While restoring, your device will be put into “setup mode”.

Step #5 – From the setup mode, you will be able to click on the “Restore from iTunes Backup” option, where you will be able to select which backup you would like to restore your iPhone to.

Step #6 – After choosing a backup, all of your data will be restored.

Once the data has been restored, you will be able to access your iPhone once again, and will be able to set a new password. Be sure to keep a note of it somewhere to avoid this in the future!

How to Wipe Your iPhone While It's Locked with iCloud

Step #1 – First, get yourself onto another device that isn't locked, and go to the webpage

Step #2 – Once you are on that webpage, sign in using the Apple ID that is linked to the locked iPhone 6S.

Step #3 – After logging in successfully, click on the “All Devices” option, and choose which device you'd like to have erased.

Step #4 – Now that you've selected the device, click on the “Erase Device” option.

Step #5 – Depending on how much data you have stored on your locked iPhone, this process may take a few minutes.

Once the process has been completed, all of the data on your iPhone will have been wiped, and you will be able to use your phone from its factory state. It's a good idea to have a backup of your iPhone's data so that in situations like this, you are always able to restore any data you fear that you may have lost. These situations are not always preventable, so taking backups regularly is a great idea.

Part 3: Reset iPhone Without Apple ID

Mobile phones are used for a lot of things, but one of the main things that they are used for is playing on the apps. Everyone uses their phone for calling and texting, but apps is a big one. Although, there are some people out there who don't use their iPhones for apps, but just for calling and texting others. In cases like this, they may not have found any need for having signed up for an Apple ID. The problem with this is that a lot of methods to wipe your iPhone require you to have an Apple ID, which causes the slight complication.

How to Reset iPhone X/8/7/6S/6 Plus Without Apple ID

Step #1 – First, make sure that you have iTunes downloaded and correctly installed.

Step #2 – Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Step #3 – Once you have connected your iPhone and iTunes has detected it, turn off your iPhone.

Step #4 – For the next step, you will be required to put your iPhone into DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode.

Note: To put your iPhone into DFU mode, you must start with your iPhone off. Hold down the home button of your iPhone for 3 seconds, then hold down both the home and power buttons together for 10 seconds. You will know that the mode has been entered successfully when the Apple logo has disappeared. It can take a few times to get it right, so be patient.

Step #5 – Once your iPhone has been put into recovery mode, iTunes will detect that and will give you the option to “Restore iPhone…

Step #6 – Click on the “Restore iPhone…” option, and iTunes will completely wipe iPhone 6S and restore it to factory settings.

In Conclusion…

All of these methods can be very helpful, and while not many people care to admit it, it's very common for people to forget their iPhone's password and struggle to regain access. For that reason, it's important that when you first get your iPhone, you get yourself into a habit of taking backups on a regular basis. This way, if something does happen and you worry about losing data, when the time comes to wipe iPhone without Apple ID, you won't have to worry about it because you'll know that your data is safe and can be recovered afterward.

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